Chapter 1: A new Life In Riverview

So This is Home, Elizabeth thought as she arrived at her new house, the small log cabin was one room


In one corner was a small camping sink and fridge


A toilet by the door


and a sleeping bag and candle on the floor


It wasn’t much, and Elizabeth didn’t like it much. But she was out of the care system, and free to follow her dreams, so anywhere was better than nowhere.

She need cash fast so before she did anything else she went to the hospital to donate plasma and got £25o


Next she decided to explore the town, first stop. The Library. As soon as she walked in she saw an attractive woman reading a book



“Hello, My name is Elizabeth. I’m new in town and thought the library would be a good place to meet new people.”

“Oh well welcome to Riverview, I’m Shirley Lin, nice to meet you.”

Elizabeth soon found out Shirley preferred men but she was still happy to be Lizzie’s friend so it’s not so bad. However Elizabeth thought she may as well set up an online dating profile while she has access to a computer, It will definitely be easier to meet people that way she thought.


She was just going to look for a cooking book when a handsome man said hello, “Hello I’m Aiden Jones”


They began chatting and Elizabeth found out he was married with two kids. But that didnt stop them from flirting a little


They talked for hours until eventually it was beginning to get dark and Aiden asked if Elizabeth would like to look at the stars with him, she quickly agreed




That night when she got home she was exhausted, she made some cereal, ate it on the toilet, I really need to invest in a dining table, she thought to herself as she ate. Before crawling into her sleeping back and falling into a deep sleep.







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18 thoughts on “Chapter 1: A new Life In Riverview

  1. Hi girls!! came to join on the fun… I love how you started her with a log cabin hahaha. And Elizabeth is quick on the romance part 😉
    You have updated so quickly I might not have time to read all the chapters now but I’ll follow your blog to come back. 🙂

  2. I like the log cabin, it’s cute and different. A married guy is never a good idea so I’m guessing she likes a but of danger. Nice start! Rose x (aka sneakysnoo)

    • No she does not! She got the wish to set up an online dating profile when I sent her to the library so I let her. and Aiden’s was the first profile I saw. I sent him a message then saw him in the library so I thought I could work it into the story

  3. Thanks for sharing with the Sims 3 and 4 stories G+ community! I’m catching up now. Love the beginning of this legacy. I’ve always wanted to do a bare minimum legacy, but for the life of me I can’t help but use cheats LOL.

  4. Hey,
    I promised I would read your story when I have time, and I always keep my promises. I’m not going to comment on every chapter, unless something big happens, because that would be annoying, but I’ll post at the end of every generation or so.
    I’m really enjoying so far, first chapter was good. I always pity sims that start with very little belongings and shabby homes, good luck but I really like watching them buy more furniture and expand.
    Elizabeth sure is quick on finding someone to love, haha.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. What a humble start for Elizabeth. Her cabin is tidy. Hopefully she can make more money soon so she can either buy a new house or build onto her cabin and maybe make it a little bit more homey. Great start!

  6. I am starting from the beginning and reading your legacy, so far it’s good! Isn’t it fun to make your sim do things you never would ever even dream about doing in real life (atleast I hope not) like flirting and spending time w/ a married man. Right now the family I am playing haven’t ever gotten married, they have been all females born into the house and they just date random men, married or not, and have babies, and that’s something I would never ever do, I think it’s fun in the game though 😛 and keeps it a little interesting since it isn’t the ‘normal’ haha.
    Anyways – I ALSO wanted to tell you I do the same thing when I start out; I alwwwayyyys start from the bottom and work my way up with money. I hate cheating for cash.. I used to do it a long time ago but it made it boring.. now I find it challenging.

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