Chapter 10: Visiting Aiden

A few weeks later Elizabeth got up early with the intention of going to see Aiden. She got dressed and went into Aaron’s room. He was already awake


Elizabeth picked him up, she was deep in thought. Today her son would meet his father. Would Aiden even want to see him? Would he still deny that Aaron is his? The similarities between them are too large to deny that he is the father. But well. Aiden was her first and he still denied the baby was his.

Elizabeth tickled him, “We are going to see your father today. Hopefully he will be civil.”

Screenshot-327Screenshot-332 Screenshot-331 Screenshot-333

Elizabeth changed his nappy and dressed him smartly. It was going to be the first time his father has seen him after all.

Screenshot-330 Screenshot-334

She carried Aaron to Aiden’s house and had barely got on the front porch when Hannah began screaming at her.

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“What the hell are you doing here with that bastard child of yours? You better not be wanting any f***ing money for it because my husband is not the father!”


“Oh just shut up Hannah! Believe your marriage is perfect and your husband is faithful all you want. but you know in your heart that he is the liar not me. And you know that Aiden is Aaron’s father just by looking at him!”


Helen went silent. “I know. I know Aiden slept with you. I know Aaron is his. But I have to pretend I don’t. I have to pretend you are the crazy jealous bitch who wants to destroy our family because if I don’t I will be on my own with two small children. What do you want Elizabeth?”

“I need to speak to Aiden. My fiance wants to adopt Aaron and I think it is only fair to get Aiden’s consent before I allow it. ”

Hannah nodded. “He is in his study.”


“What do you think you are doing here with that?”


” ‘That’ is a little boy and he is your son.” Elizabeth slapped him

Screenshot-363 Screenshot-364 Screenshot-365


” No he isn’t. He is your bastard. I’m not going to give you any money Elizabeth.”


“I don’t want your money.”


“Well then why are you here?”

“I want your written consent to hand over all parental rights to Aaron. My fiance will be adopting him. And I foolishly thought you might want to see your son.”

“What is in it for me?”


“If David adopts Aaron it means that even if I wanted to, I could never ask for money or child support. All I need is your written consent.”

Aiden wrote the note and stormed out of the study. Elizabeth picked up Aiden and cuddled him. “I’m so sorry that I brought you here babe. I should have known Aiden wouldn’t want to see you. And it isn’t fair for you to be around so much arguing. Things will be different now though. I promise. David will be your Daddy, and I will never have to worry about you having a Daddy ever again.”

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Visiting Aiden

  1. Well, at least Hannah calmed down, but why she would want to stay with Aiden anyway is beyond my understanding. o_O At least he signed everything over and she can move on with David. 😀

    • He has money and she has two small children. If she were to divorce him you can definitely imagine him kicking her and his kids on the streets can’t you?

      And he only signed them because it meant Elizabeth couldnt ask him for money

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