Chapter 12: The Honeymoon PG

As soon as they arrived, Elizabeth wrapped her arms around David and kissed him. “This is amazing babe. I can’t believe how beautiful it is here!”


On their first night…which was their wedding night


David Definitely approved of Elizabeth’s bridal lingerie

Screenshot-93Screenshot-166 Screenshot-172 Screenshot-174 Screenshot-179 Screenshot-169

They kept going late into the night and when they finally fell asleep in each other’s arms…


The next morning when Elizabeth was in the shower,


David decided to join her, it was their honeymoon after all!


after they were both dried and dressed they visited the nectary.


Elizabeth browsed through the nectar racks while David picked out a bottle for them to taste


Laura finished hers first and decided that she could make some nectar that tasted better than that stuff.. She collected some grapes from the garden and began squishing them in the bucket


However she slipped and fell into the squashed grapes!


Once the grapes had been squashed into a liquid, Elizabeth began pulling on levers to create the perfect nectar while David went and tried another bottle.


On Day two they visited a cafe. Elizabeth tried Crepes for the first time and was a bit disappointed to find out they were actually pancakes. and David had plasma cobbler. Despite the fact Elizabeth told him it was the vampire option.


Then they went to the local store. David saw a tent and suggested they be a little bit daring…


Elizabeth went in first, David followed. When the heart confetti fell on the tent it was quite obvious what was going on in there


Elizabeth came out first. She was quite pleased with herself


She was still celebrating when David came out moments later.


On their third and final day they went to the art gallery in the morning.


David seemed a lot more impressed with french art than Elizabeth.


In the afternoon they went skinny dipping in the river


That evening they visited a small island.

Screenshot-264Screenshot-265 (2)

While there David found a 1,000 year old bottle of nectar.


On their final night they sat together at the fire pit roasting food.


Despite the fact they had had an amazing time in France, they were glad when they arrived home. As David went to get Aaron out of his cot, he began shouting “Dada! Dada! Dada!”


Elizabeth and James both wanted to adopt a pet, and the adoption centre had one little kitten available. They got him and called this little guy Nibbles.


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