Chapter 13: Room for two?

Elizabeth had been married for around 5 months. Aaron was 2 years old and was walking and talking. Although Suzie lived with them, they rarely saw her since she got with her boyfriend Tyler and among all this Chaos, David and Elizabeth had begun taking about having another baby. One morning, as she was putting Aaron in his highchair he shouted “Mummy has fat belly!”Screenshot-3“David am I getting fat?”Screenshot-20“No of course not hunny! you look great!” “You always think I look hot, have I gained any weight recently? Like noticeably? I thought it was only a few pounds but if Aaron is noticing…” “Yes you have but it doesn’t matter. I still think you look stunning.” The more Elizabeth thought about, the more she realized she hadn’t gotten her period in over 4 months. She did a test and…Screenshot-21“I don’t believe it. I’m pregnant. I’m carrying David’s baby. I wonder how he’ll react…” Once the shock wore off she went into the living room. “David babe?” “Yeah?” “You’re going to be a father…I’m pregnant.”Screenshot-22David flung Elizabeth into the air and kissed her. “We will have the perfect little family Liz.”Screenshot-76They later went for a scan and found that Elizabeth was actually 18 weeks pregnant with a little girl. meaning she fell pregnant around the wedding/honeymoon. They got the scan photo enlarged and had it hung up on the living room wall.Screenshot-72The next day, after David went to work. Suzie asked Elizabeth to come upstairs. “I need to talk to you.”Screenshot-23“What is it sweetie?” “Tyler left me.” “Oh I’m sorry hun, why?” “Because…Because I’m pregnant.” “Your what? how far along are you?” “about 12 weeks. I wanted to tell you sooner but I was afraid. and I’ll start showing soon. Tyler wanted to get an abortion and I went to the clinic but I couldn’t do it. Its a real little person. I was thinking about adoption but I don’t want to miss out on seeing it grow up.” “well you still have a little while to figure out what you want to do, but I promise David and I will be with you no matter what. We love you Suzie.” Even though Suzie was soon to be a mother, she was still only a child herself. Getting giddy and running outside when she heard the ice-cream van.Screenshot-35Screenshot-36Screenshot-39David allowed Elizabeth to decorate the nursery. Screenshot-73“So what do you think?” She asked as she showed David the room. “I love it.” “You sure I didn’t overdo it with the pink?” “It will be perfect for our little princess.” David smiled kissing her. Screenshot-75Suzie told David she was pregnant. “Um David?” “What is it Suze?”Screenshot-89“I’m pregnant.”Screenshot-94“You’re what? Suzie how could you do this? How could I let you do this? I knew that Tyler was bad news. I’ve failed you as a brother. I’ve failed mum and dad.” “No you haven’t David! I was stupid. Just like Elizabeth was stupid when she fell pregnant with Aaron. but it all worked out for her. why wont it work out for me?” “Elizabeth wasn’t 16 and still in school!” “She was 18. Only two years difference! And how have you failed mum? She has been dead for 10 years!” “When she died I promised I’d take care of you. She never relied on Dad. He was an irresponsible parent even then. Letting my 16 year old sister get herself knocked up isn’t exactly looking after you is it?” “Well why don’t you look after me by helping me? Whats done is done. I’m pregnant and if I wouldn’t have an abortion for Tyler I’m not going to have one for you!” With that Suzie stormed off. Later, David was speaking with Elizabeth, “She’s pregnant Liz. My baby sister is pregnant. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to think. I don’t think I handled it very well when she told me. She got mad and stormed off.”Screenshot-101“David she is hormonal. Don’t forget I wasn’t much older than her when I fell pregnant with Aaron. She will need our love and support. She still doesn’t know what she wants to do. You supported me when I needed it most. I was pregnant and alone. Now you need to support your sister. whether she decides to give the baby up for adoption or parent. You have to make sure she knows you will support her on whatever decision she makes. She needs her brother more than anything right now.”Screenshot-102That evening when Suzie finally did return. With a stray cat she had adopted, Buttons.Screenshot-108Screenshot-106“Look Suze, I’m sorry for what I said before. I was in shock and I wouldn’t dream of asking you to get an abortion. This is your baby and you can do whatever you want with it.” “Its okay Dave. I’m sorry for disappointing you.” “Everything will work out okay.Screenshot-109 After that, both Elizabeth’s and Suzie’s pregnancies progressed normally. Suzie had decided on parenting her baby so David had bought her a small Moses basket.Screenshot-110And Elizabeth, David and Aaron had some professional maternity photos taken Screenshot-111 Screenshot-112 Screenshot-113 Screenshot-114 Screenshot-115Go to chapter 14

17 thoughts on “Chapter 13: Room for two?

  1. LOL how many cats is that now? i feel they have just as many kitties as children! starting to be a big big family! I love the maternity photos– can’t wait to see what’s next

  2. The pictures are amazing!! Great job with them!! Coming from someone who does quite a bit of posing, it is NOT so easy, but they are always worth it in the end. 😀 Glad Liz is around to help David see things in a different perspective and support him and Suzie.

  3. First off, how many cats are they going to have here. They are turning into Hetty Lionheart lol second of all, David’s face when Suze told him about her pregnancy!

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