Chapter 14: Don’t let them take my baby!

Elizabeth had decided on a home birth. and at 39 weeks pregnant she went into labour. Screenshot-116David had said he was prepared for it all along but when Elizabeth actually went into labour…Screenshot-117Screenshot-121 Screenshot-122 Screenshot-123 Screenshot-124 Screenshot-125 Screenshot-126During contractions Elizabeth turned to David. “Stop panicking and help me!”Screenshot-118Elizabeth was in labour for 11 hours but finally, baby Brooklynn was bornScreenshot-127 Screenshot-119She looked just like her father.Screenshot-128 Screenshot-129Screenshot-130Elizabeth and David stood over the cot. “You did amazing babe. She is absolutely beautiful.”Screenshot-147Brooklynn was definitely a daddy’s girl. She always smiled when she saw David and was always happiest in her daddy’s arms.Screenshot-148 Screenshot-149 Screenshot-150By now Suzie was huge. She didn’t want to find out whether she was having a boy or girl and when she went into labour a month after Elizabeth she rushed to the hospital.Screenshot-137And that is where she had her daughter, Rebecca Days.Screenshot-155Rebecca is a beautiful baby, however Suzie often went out without her for long periods of time. Letting her cry for hours until either David or Elizabeth saw to her.Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-3Brooklyn also received a doll like Aaron did. Also with the strange note signed Anonymous. When Brooklynn was 6 months old she was sat up in her crib playing peek a boo with itScreenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9It was around this time when Elizabeth noticed a woman visiting Suzie.Screenshot-10One day after the woman left she heard Suzie crying in the living room. When Elizabeth went in Suzie was sat on the settee holding Rebecca with tears falling down her cheeks. “Don’t let them take her Lizzie. Please don’t let them take my baby!”Screenshot-14“I know I’ve not been a good mum but I love her. and I can’t lose her now! I can’t imagine her being brought up by another family now! But I don’t have another chance!”

“Who was that Suzie?”

“The social worker. She has been coming because I have been letting Rebecca cry for too long and I haven’t been looking after her properly. I’ve been trying but I can’t do it! I want to do well in school and I cant get my homework done because she is always crying. And now she is coming on Tuesday to take her to a foster home until they can find a permanent family for her. Please Elizabeth. I love her too much to say goodbye. And I know you love her too! Please help me! Please help me keep my baby.”Screenshot-17

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Don’t let them take my baby!

  1. Wow! How did you get a baby to sit up and play peek-a-boo? I’ve scoured the web for poses and never found one for a baby. Could you please tell me where you got it?

    I’m surprised the social worker was coming seeming how I thought the other two adults were helping with her baby, too. Hopefully, she’ll figure it out or at least ASK if they’d take care of Rebecca while she’s in school. Will move on to the next chapter to find out what will happen next. 😉

    • It was a pose my friend used in her story, but didnt want to upload them, I asked for it so she gave me it.

      Yes but Suzie is growing up and If she isnt taking responsibility for her daughter now, Social services need to be able to trust she could care for her child without the help or David and Elizabeth, lie she would have to when she moves out

  2. I have a feeling Elizabeth might “adopt” Rebecca. And i say that in the loosest sense, i just mean help to take care of her in order to get the social worker off Suzie’s back.

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