Chapter 15: Potty Training Aaron

“Are you sure there isn’t something we can do to keep Rebecca? She has never been neglected because me or Elizabeth has always seen to her.” David told the social worker.Screenshot-37 (5)“That is exactly the reason we need to take Rebecca from Suzie. You both are looking after her. Rebecca doesn’t get excited when she sees her mother. When she shes you Mrs Simm, She is ecstatic. If I did not know any better and I was just a stranger looking in, I would believe Rebecca was your child. You are both amazing parents and it is a shame you are unable to care for her.” “Well why can’t we?” Elizabeth asked “Excuse me?” “Why can’t me and David take care of Rebecca?” “Because the only way the courts would allow it is if you formally adopt her. And I didn’t believe that would be an option as your daughter is only a month older than Rebecca and to adopt your niece may cause unnecessary tension between you and Suzie.”Screenshot-36 (5)“We will do anything to keep Rebecca. we love her just as much as our own daughter, Please. Let us adopt Rebecca.”

“I will get the forms and bring them round Tuesday.”

“Does this mean you wont be taking Rebecca on Tuesday?”

The social worker nodded, “would you please tell Suzie of the new arrangements? I need to get to a meeting.” Then she left. David and Elizabeth hugged each other. “We are keeping her. Rebecca Simm. She will always know Suzie is her mum though.”Screenshot-41 (5)“Of course she will. I don’t really want to have another for a little while okay hunny?” David said “Sure thing. No more babies until Rebecca and Brooklynn start school.” Elizabeth had also been Potty Training Aaron. He wasn’t so keen on the idea… Screenshot-18 (5)“I Wan Nappy on! No big boy pants! Wan Nappy On!!! Wan Nappy on! Please mammy no potty! No potty! Wan nappy!”

“I’m sorry baby but everyone has to learn to use the potty. you want to be a big boy don’t you?”

“No mammy no big boy no potty! Wan Nappy on! Wan Nappy on!”

“Come on sweetie, lets go to the bathroom.” “No Mammy! No Mammy! No potty!” Aaron cried.

Aaron sat on the potty for a while until finally Elizabeth heard a little trickle. “You did it!” Aaron slipped off the potty.”you did really good! You are getting such a big boy!”

And Elizabeth and David told Suzie they would be adopting Rebecca.

“Mummy might not be able to see you anymore soon. But just remember that I love you okay? Please don’t forget how much I love you.”Screenshot-24“Hey Suzie? Please can you come here?”Screenshot-25“Yeah? What is it?”Screenshot-27“You don’t need to say goodbye to Rebecca.”

“Why not? She is leaving isn’t she? I wont be her mum anymore.”

“You will always be her mum and she isn’t leaving.”

“Elizabeth and I are going to adopt Rebecca. She will be our child technically but will always know you are her mother and you will be able to see her whenever you want. We are going to extend the house slightly next week to make Brooklynn’s room bigger so we can fit another cot in there. and then Rebecca will be moving out of the Moses basket and into the crib down here.”

“You are adopting her?”

“Yes. She is staying here. With us. Forever.”

Suzie hugged them both. then cuddled Rebecca. She was so happy. She wouldn’t need to say goodbye to her baby girl after all.

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Sorry for the lack of pictures! They disapeered from here and from my laptop and I can’t really replace them now so :/

5 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Potty Training Aaron

  1. Hmm, i would have adopted Rebecca as well,but f I was Suzie, I think it would kill me knowing someone else is legally in charge of my child. She has nothing to worry about though because David and Elizabeth are awesome.

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