Chapter 16: Aging up…and a big surprise…

LITTLE NOTE: Even Though Rebecca has been adopted by Elizabeth and David she is not Eligible to be an heir


They Expanded the house. Bought Aaron a toddler bed because he had begun climbing out of the crib And added a second crib in Brooklynn’s room.Screenshot-30 Screenshot-136 Screenshot-137 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139Suzie placed Rebecca in her new crib. “Be good for Elizabeth and David sweetheart. They are your Mummy and Daddy now. I’m just your Auntie Suzie and you are just my Favorite niece Becky.”Screenshot-28Before long it was Brooklynn’s first birthday. Elizabeth chose against a party because Aaron can’t remember his birthday party. So it is really a waste of money they don’t have. She aged into a beautiful toddler, The perfect mix of her parents, However she didn’t have much hair. Elizabeth hoped it would grow out but her baby Brooke was still stunning in her eyes. With or Without hair.Screenshot-33 A Month Later Rebecca aged up, she had very dark almost black eyes that almost certainly came from her father. She was having trouble with her sight and the optician found out she needed glasses. She was a very beautiful Toddler however she did act strangely around the cats. she seemed to like them more than Aaron or Brooklynn. And they seemed to like her.Screenshot-45Screenshot-44Brooklynn loved her doll, Whom she named Fred (Where she came up with that name Elizabeth had no idea) And she would play with it for hours on end.Screenshot-41 Screenshot-37The Girls shared a room. They didnt mind. Brooklynn would play with the dollhouse while Rebecca preferred the toyboxScreenshot-50One day when Elizabeth was recording a video of Rebecca playing with a toy she saw something strange. When David and Suzie came home she showed the video to them. “Just watch.”Screenshot-54“Aw its Becky playing with the dragon.” “Just watch.” Then it happened…Screenshot-120 Screenshot-52 Screenshot-127 Screenshot-53Screenshot-115“Oh…” David and Suzie said. “Suzie, Was Tyler a witch?” Suzie nodded. “But only a half witch. His mum was one but his father wasn’t so I thought it wasn’t possible for Rebecca to be one.” “Well I think she might be.” “What are we going to do? I mean how will she control her powers? We can’t teach her how to use them!” Suzie exclaimed. “We’ll look online. I’m sure there are others who have had this situation.”Screenshot-135Finally, Aaron turned 5. Elizabeth couldn’t believe that it had been 5 years since she had her baby boy and the thought of him growing up was making her want another one. Aaron’s Doll Cuddles also aged up into an imaginary friend!!! Aaron wondered is his sister’s doll would do the same when she turned 5.Screenshot-169 Screenshot-170 Screenshot-199Brooklynn’s hair grew out a little into a beautiful blonde bob that framed her faceScreenshot-140Suzie still spent time with her daughter,Screenshot-142Suzie taught Rebecca how to walk, Seeing her child take her first wobbly steps towards her shouting “Ani Susie” both warmed and broke her heart. Her baby called somebody else mum. But this was better than the alternative wasn’t it? If the social worker had taken Rebecca, Suzie wouldn’t even have been able to be Auntie Suzie to her child. She wouldn’t even see her baby grow up.Screenshot-144Screenshot-146Screenshot-147Screenshot-149A little while after the girls had turned 3 Elizabeth began feeling sick.Screenshot-154 Screenshot-155After her shower, Elizabeth did a pregnancy test and was delighted by the results.Screenshot-203Well the girls aren’t quite in school yet but they will be nearly 4 and hopefully walking talking and using the potty when this one comes. Elizabeth thought to herself. Elizabeth and David needed to create a new bedroom, and with a lack of any space  downstairs they decided to add a second floor. On the second floor they created 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. One would become a nursery, one was already claimed as Suzie’s room and the third would probably be for either Rebecca or Brooklynn when they age up.Screenshot-221 Screenshot-222 Screenshot-223

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