Chapter 17: Double Trouble!

There is a little jump in this chapter but only because I want to get the heir vote for Chapter 20

Elizabeth had twins! A little girl they named Caylyn(Cay-Lin) and a little boy they named Damon(Day-mon).Screenshot-224 Screenshot-225 Screenshot-226They aged into very cute toddlers. Caylyn was very smart and learned how to walk a lot quicker than Damon. Who was often grumpy except when he was with his twin.Screenshot-227Screenshot-228Screenshot-230Screenshot-252Brooklynn and Rebecca had a shared birthday party. It made sense to just have them together seeing as their birthdays were so close together..Screenshot-255 Screenshot-256 Screenshot-257They both aged up into cute kids.Screenshot-259 Screenshot-261When Rebecca was 6 Elizabeth and David found a boarding school for supernatural sims aged 13-16 that is directed at supernaturals with human parents. The school was situated in moonlight falls and seemed perfect for Rebecca.Screenshot-232Suzie turned 18 and moved out. She certainly grew to be gorgeous but David warned her. “No more little ones for a while okay sis? Get ahead in your career first because you have your whole life to begin a family.” She took Buttons (The stray cat she adopted) with her when she moved.Screenshot-233Brooklynn and Rebecca were adament that they wanted to continue sharing a room so Elizabeth bought them bunk beds.Screenshot-264 Brooklynn Played with Fred always and carried him everywhere except to school. She really loved that strange little doll.Screenshot-267 Screenshot-269Not long after his 9th birthday, Aaron had gotten a letter in the mail from the science facility telling him about their research on the strange dolls all given to newborns from an anonymous source. The letter said that to help their research they would like Aaron to give them a rainbow gem and in return they would make Cuddles come to life! This was something Aaron couldnt refuse and went out searching for a rainbow gem. It was late one night, Just as he was about to give up his search and walk home he found a gem next to the path.Screenshot-272It was a rainbow gem!!! Aaron rushed to the science facility and came out with the potionScreenshot-274 Screenshot-275 Screenshot-276“Here Cuddles, This will make you real, And then mum will stop shouting at me for talking to myself.”Screenshot-281 Screenshot-282 Screenshot-284 Screenshot-285 Screenshot-321 Screenshot-330“You’re real! You’re really real real!” Aaron exclaimed.

“Yes I am. I’m real!” Cuddles hugged him.Screenshot-332 Screenshot-333 Screenshot-334“Now that I am real though, I think I need a better name than Cuddles, Don’t you?” Cuddles said. And together they went to town hall and changed her name to Ashleigh. Then she changed into some more “human” clothes. Aaron thought she was actually kind of cute.Screenshot-335The next thing Ashleigh did was go and speak to Elizabeth. she was surprised to say the least.Screenshot-338“Hey do you know that strange doll Aaron got when he was a baby? and the doll he has been singing to and playing with for ages?”Screenshot-336“Um yes. My question is how do you know about that and who are you?”Screenshot-337“Well you see, I’m that doll, Aaron gave me a potion from the science facility and now im here and I have nowhere else to go. Please can I stay Mrs Simm?”Screenshot-339In the end Elizabeth let the girl stay. She gave her Suzie’s old room, and even though she had never seen the girl before, she was alone with no family to speak of. and Elizabeth couldnt bring herself to send her to an orphanage. Ashleigh was very artistic and soon set about filling the house with paintings.Screenshot-344

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 17: Double Trouble!

    • They actually transform in doll form but if you pause the game once they have appeared in the portrait panel and click them them you need to click turn to sim form or something like that.

      I love her hair! it was actually really dark at first and i was annoyed so I went into CAS and just brightened up the colours! and changed the style.

      Also she has called herself Ashleigh now 🙂

  1. This was awesome!! In my story, one of my sims has that same challenge to find a rainbow gem, but it is tough between school and making sure she gets her homework done. (I’m doing a wishacy, so I can’t cheat…it’s so hard. 😦 ) Anyway, looking forward to see who the heir is.

  2. How do you get all the awesome hairstyles on your toddlers? The mohawk is adorable for Damon! I love it! and the pink eyes are pretty too! I am jealous but my laptop isn’t good enough for custom content. :\

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