Chapter 18: Four Children, Two Teens and a Holiday

After Nibbles broke the shower for the third time Elizabeth had decided she had had enough. She was stressed out with 6 children to care for and couldn’t cope with both cats as well. Since Mittens was now an elderly cat he didn’t bother anyone and was more than happy to just sit and chill. Elizabeth put Nibbles up for adoption while the kids were at school.Screenshot-340Ashleigh and Aaron turned 13 and both aged up into quite attractive teenagersScreenshot-370 Screenshot-371The twins turned 5Screenshot-373 Screenshot-374And David and Elizabeth had a surprise. They had booked a surprise holiday to Egypt!!!

On the plane the twins were ecstatic. None of the children had ever been abroad before but the twins had never even learnt about Egypt in school yet!Screenshot-376“I can’t believe we are going to Egypt! It will be so cool with all the pyramids and stuff!!!”Screenshot-377“Yea but I don’t want to meet any mummies! That would be way too scary!”

Aaron and Ashleigh were talking between each other.Screenshot-378“So are we agreed? Once Mum and Dad and the kids are all asleep me and you are sneaking out?”

Brooklyn and Rebecca were just sat quietly, waiting for the plane to arrive in Egypt…Screenshot-379 Screenshot-399

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Four Children, Two Teens and a Holiday

  1. I also love Ashleigh’s hair, but I think the color of the hair must be due to her being an imaginary friend. I hope my sim can find a rainbow gem, but it has been REALLY tough to find. So far, no rainbow gem. A trip to Egypt will be fun!

    • Yeah her hair was but it was actually REALLY dark so it looked almost black! I kept the colours it was I just made them a bit lighter so her hair was a bit brighter 🙂

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