Chapter 19b: A Family Holiday Part 2

Ashleigh and Aaron managed to get back into their separate tents before David and Elizabeth woke up.Screenshot-440The next day Rebecca hugged Elizabeth. “Thank you so much for taking us here mum. It is the best thing Ever!”Screenshot-435They went to a little oasis in the desert and took a Family photo.Screenshot-501Damon had really took a liking to fishing and took the oppurtunity to catch some fish. Elizabeth joined himScreenshot-502 Screenshot-507Rebecca sat on the grass and played with a toy she had brought with herScreenshot-504And Caylyn and Brooklynn expressed their sisterly love for one another by pulling faces at each other.

“My funny face is way better than yours Cay!”

Screenshot-505 Screenshot-506After the visit to the oasis in the morning, They visited the Sphinx in the afternoon…Nobody knew how good Brooklyn and Rebecca were at climbing. “Hey Mum look at us!”Screenshot-508 Screenshot-509After David took all the kids home Elizabeth decided to inspect the strange wall on the sphinx, it wasn’t like the rest of itScreenshot-510 Screenshot-511Screenshot-512And she was right! It turns out that inside the sphinx is an ancient tomb and well…Elizabeth just HAS to explore it.  She is too curious not too! Inside the tomb she went swimming, found some ancient coins, got covered in bugs, cleared rubble, saw a mummy and found treasure. And thankfully she got out alive!Screenshot-515 Screenshot-516 Screenshot-520 Screenshot-522Screenshot-544 Screenshot-528 Screenshot-537And Finally. On their last day in Egypt they visited the pyramids.Screenshot-551 Screenshot-552Overall everyone agreed it was a great holiday!


A few years later it was time for Brooklynn to turn 13. she aged up to be quite pretty. Then a month later it was Rebecca’s birthday.Screenshot-553 Screenshot-556 Screenshot-559 Screenshot-561As a Teenager Rebecca fully came into her powers. So it was now they decided they would send her to the boarding school in Moonlight falls. Screenshot-563 Screenshot-564 Screenshot-565She was sad to go, but still happy because it was only 3 years. and in those 3 years she would learn how to control and use her magic properly. Then she could come home…Rebecca said her goodbyes. She had to leave early so the twins, Aiden and Ashleigh were still asleep. “Goodbye Mittens, Maybe I’ll get a new kitty at the school, It does say all witches should have a familiar, Just a shame I can’t take you.”Screenshot-575“Goodbye mum, I Think ill miss your cooking most of all, you make the best pancakes ever!”Screenshot-587“Goodbye Dad, I promise I’ll learn how to control my powers.”Screenshot-588“Goodbye sis, I know you’re really my cousin but In my eyes you will always be my sister. Please promise to write?”Screenshot-589Then she got into the taxi and left. Ready to face the big bad world…Screenshot-596

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 19b: A Family Holiday Part 2

    • See Rebecca go? I know but thats why I’m giving her her own little side story

      Or do you mean Sad to see Elizabeth go? If either of the twins get to be the heir then Elizabeth will still be a big part of the start of Generation 2. Just the story line will be more focused on the young heir

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