Chapter 2: A new love

The next morning Elizabeth got up at 6am to get ready for work


She got up, washed herself down in the sink and had a juice box for breakfast before getting a taxi to the hospital





As she was going into work she bumped into her new coworker David. Unlike Aiden, Dale was single and there was a mutual attraction. They spoke all throughout their shifts and agreed to go to the summer fair after work.


David was cute, he was 20 years old and was also new in town. He didn’t tell her about his family, and She didn’t ask, but he was nice and they got along well.



He decided to join a hot dog eating contest and Elizabeth cheered him on



She was a bit over enthusiastic but he didn’t mind


He came second, and as it began to get dark, He asked Elizabeth to dance and she happily agreed, smiling as he wrapped his arms around her and they danced slowly.




After the song was over they began flirting,

“You know you’re really cute Liz,” David told her, causing Elizabeth to smile and blush

“you aren’t so bad yourself” Elizabeth told him, still grinning



“I think I’m beginning to Like you, and I havent fancied anyone in a long time, but there is something I need to tell yo-” Elizabeth cut him off with a kiss.


“I like you too” She smiled, David smiled at her, then kissed her back…



“That was nice,” Elizabeth told him, and agreed to a final dance before saying goodnight.


When Elizabeth got home she was feeling lonely, So she got on the phone and called up the animal shelter



She spent the wages she had earnt that day preparing for her new pet



And that is how Mittens The Kitten joined the family


As soon as Elizabeth saw her kitten she was in love with him,


and that night Mittens slept beside her in his little bed.


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11 thoughts on “Chapter 2: A new love

  1. i love it so far! i bet that there is something that he is really trying to tell her though! cant wait to find out!

    I suggest that at the end of each chapter you have a link to the next one so that readers don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page to go read the next page!

  2. She got a kitty!!
    Honestly, when I started my Random Legacy I was so upset at how I could not find a romantic interest for my sim, and Elizabeth has got one so quickly. She needs to come over to my Randominov’s and teach them a thing or two LOL.

  3. I actually like this a lot so far. My family’s old cat was named Mittens. You’re kitten is super cute. šŸ™‚ I love how she interrupted him, but what did he have to say…hmm… moving on to the next chapter to find out.

  4. Mittens is super adorable. I love the expansion Pets, and always love when people add animals to the story. She sure is flirty, but it seems like its working out for her so far!

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