Chapter 20c: Growing up and moving on…

Brooklynn looked beautiful at prom. She was shocked when she won prom queen, even though in reality it made perfect sense that she would win.Screenshot-338 Screenshot-339

Sadly at the grand old age of 20 Mittens passed away. (Stupid EA glitch that he didnt turn into a ghost) Screenshot-247 Screenshot-250He went away happily with the grim reaper.Screenshot-251But Elizabeth didn’t take the death of her beloved pet well. Mittens had been her best friend, the first friend she made in this town. He had been with her through everything. and now he was gone.Screenshot-255Screenshot-256

After that, the next 3 years flew by. Rebecca chose to stay in Moonlight falls when she finished school, Brooklynn turned 18 and got a job. Although she still lived at home since she couldn’t afford to move out yet. And the twins turned 13.Screenshot-252(So shocked that Damon barely got any votes for the heir! I think he’s best looking out of Elizabeth’s kids!)Screenshot-253Now that they were older, Damon soon found out that his sister was very popular with the boys. He was worried and angry. How dare they flirt with his sister!Screenshot-259 Screenshot-260 Screenshot-261A little bit after the twins’ 13th birthday Ashleigh and Aaron were in their apartment talking on the bed. “When are we going to tell them?” Ashleigh asked him.Screenshot-263“Do we have to tell them?”Screenshot-277“Aaron. We can’t move to the opposite end of the country and your mum not notice. We have to tell them.”Screenshot-296“I guess. But mum and dad will be disappointed. They want me to inherit the house but I don’t want to live in this quiet little town. I want to be a footballer. And the Riverview football club will never get me famous.”Screenshot-324“They’ll understand. Trust me Aaron.”

Elizabeth and David both turned 40 however their love for each other was as strong as ever. Screenshot-258Elizabeth had taken up nectar making, It would create an excellent heirloom for future generations. A cellar full of excellent, old, unique wine.Screenshot-331 Screenshot-332The next day, Aaron asked Elizabeth and David to go to the Art gallery with Ashleigh and himself.

“I’ve always loved the gallery you know.  Downstairs is where David proposed to me, While you were playing with Cuddles, Well Ashleigh, by our feet.”Screenshot-333“That’s great mum but We’ve got to tell you something. We’ve bought a house.”

“A house? You are taking over the house aren’t you?” David asked.Screenshot-334“No David, We’re not. We are moving to Sunset Valley. Aaron has got a job waiting for him and we have bought a small cottage.”

“No.” Elizabeth said.

“Mum we are moving and you can’t stop us. Riverview has nothing to offer us. Sunset Valley is a beautiful coastal town and-“Screenshot-335“Don’t go on at me about how great Sunset Valley is. I grew up there. And let me tell you, the care homes are not beautiful or fun. If you want to move and wreck your life go for it. but don’t come crying to me when it all blows up in your face. Come on David we’re leaving.”

“Mum please!” Aaron called but Elizabeth had already stormed out. Ashleigh quickly stood up and comforted Aaron. “Don’t worry babe. She is just upset she’ll calm down soon enough and after we move she can come and visit us.”Screenshot-336“I really do hope you’re right Ash. I want to move. but I don’t want to lose my mum because of it.”

“Why didn’t you tell her the real reason we’re moving?”

“I didn’t want to upset her any more. She doesn’t need to know.”Screenshot-337




So That is the end of Generation 1. What did you think?


Will Elizabeth forgive Aaron and Ashleigh? What is their real reason for moving to sunset Valley? Will Aaron follow his dreams and become a famous footballer? Will Ashleigh ever persuade him to have an heir? Find out in Generation 2…


Go to Generation 2

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