Chapter 3: A Stupid Mistake

Contains Adult scenes and Offensive Language. If this offends you view the PG option


The next day, Elizabeth got up and couldn’t help but aww at Mittens


“Oh look how cute you are!” She said, awwing at her sleeping kitten



She fed Mittens and made herself some cereal before petting and playing with her cat



Screenshot-354Before they knew it, it was 8am and Elizabeth had to go to work, She picked up her kitten “Mummy has to go to work now baby, I’ll be home as soon as I can! I love you!”Screenshot-355


Screenshot-357While she was on a break she got a phone call from Aiden asking her to come over.


“Hey Aiden! No I can’t come over, I’m at work. yeah, yeah, yeah, uh huh, Okay I’ll stop by after I get off work. uh huh, no, no, Aiden, I hate to cut this short but my break is over, I’ll see you soon. Byee”




After work Elizabeth went to Aiden’s house. He greeted her with a hug, “Thanks for coming Liz”



“Look Aiden, I do Like you but your married, I don’t feel like I can be your friend when I feel this way about you.”


“Liz my marriage is over except for the paperwork, after we had Derek me and Hannah have been drifting apart. We thought when Kathy came along things would change but now we are only staying together for the kids, I like you Elizabeth, the way I feel about you is how I felt when I first met Hannah, I think we could really be something special.”

They got inside and they kissed, and one kiss led to another



Which led to….




“Aiden, be gentle, I’ve never done this before.”




It hurt at first, But as Elizabeth looked at Aiden she smiled, Maybe it will all work out and we’ll end up together She thought. But a few minutes later she came to her senses, put her nightie on and talked to him.


“Look Aiden, What we just did was wrong, whether your marriage is emotionally over or not, legally you are still married and while you’re with Hannah this cannot happen again. We can’t do this again until you leave her.”




“Okay, for you. I’ll leave her. We will be so happy together Liz, get married and have lots of babies.”


“Of course, Now how about we get back into bed and tomorrow I will go to the town hall and file for divorce.”


The second time didn’t hurt so much, and as much as Elizabeth would have loved to stay the night she had to leave before Hannah returned home with the children.

Over the next few weeks Elizabeth didn’t hear much from Aiden, and she was developing a routine most mornings.



One morning about 3 weeks after her night with Aiden, she began to think. No, I couldn’t be, No, I mean it only happened once, well twice but no, I can’t be pregnant, I can’t afford a baby. Oh no.

Elizabeth went to the store and bought a test, she stared at the test. One red line showed up,


then another. “No.” Elizabeth whispered, “What have I done? I’m pregnant, I’m carrying a married man’s child. I need to tell him.”


Elizabeth took the day off work to ask Aiden out, They went to the local Diner and they had barely been together 5 minutes before Aiden began making excuses.


“Hey Liz, I’m sorry I never called you, I’ve just been run off my feet with the kids and work”


“You didn’t file for divorce?”

“I was meaning to, it’s just Kathy’s been sick and I’ve been teaching Derek to walk, while they’re young I just can’t leave them, I know Hannah will take full custody, I don’t want to miss my kids growing up is all.”


“We need to talk Aiden. Maybe we should sit down.”

They sat beside each other on a picnic table, “Do you remember that night we…you know”


“Of course I do, how could I forget?” Aiden grinned.

“Well I’m pregnant. And It’s your’s”


“It can’t be mine! you are just jealous because I’ve chosen Hannah over you! You have probably slept with half the men in this town and now your trying to pin your brat on me! Well I for one won’t let a dirty slag like you wreck my marriage!”


“You are the only person I have EVER slept with! Of course It is yours! You said you would leave Hannah! You said your marriage was over! It was all a lie wasn’t it? Just lies to get a naive 18 year old in your bed, and now that she is pregnant with your child ALL the fucking truth comes out!”


“I am not going to stand here and take this from a slut like you!” Aiden shouted and stormed off. Elizabeth knew then that she was going to have to raise this baby alone.


She couldn’t abort it, it didn’t ask to be made. None of this was the baby’s fault. She just didn’t know how she could afford to look after it…



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19 thoughts on “Chapter 3: A Stupid Mistake

  1. Is this guy for real?! I mean who say something like that he just going to up and deny everything? Why sleep with another woman at all if your marriage was so “perfect”? I would feel bad for her but she made her choice you know 😦

    • Yes he is! This isnt the last we see of aiden. Regardless of the new heir Aaron will be visiting his birth father in the finale

  2. If I were her, I’d just get a paternity test and PROVE it was his. Then, shove it in his face. I wouldn’t take any money, but at least proving it was HIS would make me feel like I beat him a little. 😉 I know it wouldn’t do anything, but it could make her feel better. UGH!

    • Aiden is a dick! I mean you would expect him to at least acknowledge the fact he could be the father. He slept with a virgin twice about a month ago unprotected and now the girl is about a month pregnant…

      Yea he couldnt possibly be the father could he? *Sarcasm*

  3. Aiden is a real piece of work! Man enough to stick it in her but not man enough to own up to the responsibility. And Liz, sweetie, it only takes one time. 🙂

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