Chapter 4: A Friendly Face

The next day Elizabeth was sat in the park thinking when she heard a someone call her name, “Hey Lizzie!”


It was David, She went over and hugged him tightly. “I’ve been so stupid David!”



“What’s wrong Liz? Whats happened? Tell me.”



“I’m pregnant David. I was naive and I made a stupid mistake and now I’m pregnant!”

“Who’s the father?”


“Aiden Jones. He was my first and I haven’t slept with anyone else.”

“Have you told him?”

Elizabeth nodded. “He called me a slag and stormed off, said it’s not his.”


“Oh Lizzie,” David said hugging her. “I will be here for you, whatever you need.”


Elizabeth flung herself at him and kissed him full on the lips, David kissed her back for a moment before pushing her away.

“Liz, I know I said I would be here for you but I meant just as a friend, There is some stuff and I can’t date anybody right now, please don’t be offended because I do really like you.”


They hugged and said goodbye, but as he was walking away Elizabeth called out, “David are you doing anything for leisure day next week?”

“Uhh, no. I don’t really have any plans.”

“Then would you like to spend the day with me?”

“I’m really sorry Liz but I cant, I need to ask my…nevermind. I’ll call you okay?”

And with that he was gone.


Elizabeth spent that night, as she would spend the majority or nights until the baby was born by the pond, fishing. She needed to get as much money as possible before the baby was born. She needed to buy an extension. create a bedroom and bathroom, a crib, a bed and a decent cooker. She couldn’t expect her child to live off cereal like she has been doing. It wouldn’t be fair on them.


Elizabeth also took up gardening and painting. anything to bring in a little extra money



However she never forgot about Mittens, and was always sure to feed him and play with him, she loved her little kitty.


She rarely slept, and often took naps on a bench in public or on a sofa if she could find one so she wouldn’t pass out


Despite all her hard work in trying to earn extra money, she was 7 months pregnant and still couldn’t afford the extension. So Elizabeth went to the bank for a loan. She borrowed £10,000. It would be enough to build and decorate the extension. How she would pay the bank back she didn’t know. But for now, building somewhere for her child to sleep was more important.


Once her extension was finished, Elizabeth only had £83, but her new house was wonderful.


She had a bedroom built,


with a Bassinet for the baby.


She had a bathroom built. Elizabeth was so excited to own a bath! No more washing in the sink!


She bought a second had sofa and an old T.V, some toys for Mittens and something she has wanted for almost 9 months now…A DINING TABLE!!!




With the last of her money Elizabeth had a kitchenette built


And bought a car


When she was 37 weeks pregnant she was just sitting at the park reading when she saw something out of the corner of his eye. David was also at the park. He hadnt seen her and was with a young blonde girl. they were laughing about something.




That wanker. She thought. For Months we have known each other and he hadn’t even told me he had a girlfriend. How dare he. and we have kissed. Multiple times. I have fallen for another Liar. But this time the dickhead wont get away with it.


Elizabeth stormed over to them as best she could with the bump and started shouting at David and the girl.


“How could you? You have been a cheat all along! You are just as bad as Aiden! How could I let myself like you. Fall for you. I let myself believe you cared. This town is full of lies isn’t it? You are lying to your girlfriend, Aiden lies to his wife. I really regret moving here!”





David was freaked out. “This isn’t what it looks like. It isn’t what your thinking! Suzie is my-”




“Suzie is your what? Fiancee? Wife? Mistr-Oh My God, My water just broke.”




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12 thoughts on “Chapter 4: A Friendly Face

  1. lol well that embarrassing she was so upset with him that she went into labor right there? I think I have an idea who that special lady in David life is…

  2. Could the young lady be his baby sister? Their hair color look almost alike. Wait if the girl is his baby sister, then is he taking care of his family? Or could he have a teenage daughter? All the possibilities of a sims 3 character.

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