Chapter 6: Happy Birthday Baby Boy

At 4am, Elizabeth woke up with Aaron and fed him. Then went into her living room and ate the Mac and Cheese David made a few hours before.

“This is really good David.”



After they ate, Elizabeth said David could sleep with her in her bed,




At 7 am, Aaron woke up crying. To let Elizabeth sleep, David got up to feed and hold him.





Elizabeth woke up half an hour later, and saw David cuddling her son. It warmed her heart. Maybe I’ve found a good guy here.


After David had left for work, Elizabeth went to get the mail. There was a parcel in there addressed to Elizabeth and Aaron Simm.



With the parcel was a note.

Dear Elizabeth,

Congratulations on having a healthy baby boy, I hope baby Aaron enjoys this present, chosen for him with love. 

From Anonymous

In the parcel was a strange doll. After checking that it was just a doll and couldn’t harm Aaron in any way, Elizabeth sat it on the settee.



The next year flew by. And before she knew it, her baby boy was turning one. Elizabeth flung a party for him, Borrowing money to buy garden furniture and balloons, all of which she would sell once the day was done.


“Mummy’s baby boy is one today! Yes he is!” Elizabeth said, flinging her son up in the air. She kissed him before  putting him down and continuing to prepare for the party



When Suzie and David arrived, David went straight to the bedroom to see Aaron, but Suzie wanted a quiet word with her.

“Look Elizabeth, I know we didn’t get off on the right foot but you are dating my brother now and I think we kind of have to get along.”



“Suzie it is water under the bridge. I was out of line. David and I weren’t together then and I had no right being that way with you.”


“Make a wish Aaron!” Elizabeth said as she helped her son blow out the candles


Aaron grew up well, With his fathers pale green eyes and his mothers brown hair. He was a happy smiley child and very good. Although Elizabeth invited Aiden, he didn’t attend. And David was more of a father to Aaron than Aiden ever was. Every time Aaron saw David he would shout “Da!”. Elizabeth wasn’t sure if he was trying to say David or Dad but it didn’t matter. Everyone loved and adored Aaron. Everyone except his biological father.


That night, Aaron was exhausted. A party and getting lots of new toys is such hard work you know! He fell asleep is the brand new crib David had bought for him.


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Happy Birthday Baby Boy

  1. How did you get baby Aaron to have hair and wear something other than the default blanket? He looks so much cuter than the default burrito baby. Also, where did you get the cute blanket and pillow for the crib?
    I hope Aiden at least acknowledges his son and is nice to him 😦 poor Aaron

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