Chapter 7: All about Aaron

Now that Aaron was older, Mittens finally got a chance to meet him properly. They seemed to get on well…Until Aaron got a hold of mittens’ food when Elizabeth wasn’t looking.




Mittens got his own back by tackling poor Aaron

Screenshot-104 Screenshot-105 Screenshot-106 Screenshot-107

Elizabeth wasn’t the slightest bit worried that Aaron was playing by the bee box. However she did scold Mittens for tackling him. Aaron had also taken a liking to the strange doll that came in the mail, He had called it Cuddles and would sing to it, chew on it and play with it all day long. It had also taken a place at the bottom of his crib when he slept.




However, no matter how much he loved his doll, he loved his mummy more. He was very clingy and loved to be held. Elizabeth didn’t mind because she loved holding him!


He Adored Mummy’s cuddles


and was a definite mummy’s boy.




A few weeks later David was coming round to spend some time with Elizabeth, Aaron seemed to sense why Mummy was taking him to bed early.


“No bed Mama see Da.”

“You need to go to bed babe, Mummy doesn’t want a cranky baby boy. You can see Da tomorrow morning.”


Elizabeth dressed up for him and he was barely through the door before they were all over each other.


They went to the bedroom, Aaron was flat out and snoring, Cuddles sat at the bottom of his crib. They were making out on the bed,

Screenshot-210 Screenshot-212 Screenshot-211


Clothes were lost…

Screenshot-214 Screenshot-215 Screenshot-216 Screenshot-217

David began kissing down Elizabeths neck, he reached behind her to remove her bra. “Stop.” Elizabeth said. “It’s Aaron.”


David stopped. “He’s asleep. For God’s sake Liz, we’ve been together nearly a year and we still haven’t slept together. I will wait as long as you need me too, hell I will wait till our wedding night if I have to. But I just want to know. What must I do to sleep with you?”


Elizabeth laughed and joked. “Get Aaron his own room and I will gladly sleep with you. You know I love you David. It just doesnt feel right with him in here with us.”

David wasn’t joking. “Okay I’ll do it. I’ll pay for you to get another extension on the house.”


They kissed and then it clicked what David had actually said before. “On our wedding night?” She asked


“Well yeah. I love you Elizabeth Simm. And I know in my heart you will be the girl I marry someday.”

Elizabeth kissed him and they went to sleep, both with marriage on the mind…

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