Chapter 9: A new house and a grown up cat

Aaron loved his new room. However as she put him to bed that night she felt worried.

Screenshot-494 Screenshot-505

“Don’t worry hun. He’ll be fine.”

Screenshot-517 Screenshot-518

“I hope so David. Now what was our deal? New room for Aaron and I’ll sleep with you?” They kissed and went into their bedroom.

Screenshot-520 Screenshot-521

“Elizabeth Simm. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Come here.”


“Are you sure you want to do this Liz? We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Just kiss me you idiot. Of course I want to! I love you!”


That night Mittens slept soundly,


Aaron slept soundly,


but moans of pleasure could be heard coming from Elizabeth’s bedroom…


Mittens grew up a few days later


And loved to spend his time playing with  the bird toy on the wall.


A few nights later Elizabeth was restless, she slipped out of bed and made some autumn salad.


As she ate she thought. She thought about Aaron and David and her wedding. Would David adopt Aaron? She’s certain he would. Aaron calls him Dada now anyway. and he is the only father Aaron has known. But what about Aiden?


He hasn’t wanted to be a part of Aaron’s life for a year and a half. But what if when Aaron is older and knows the truth he resents Elizabeth for not trying. She had to try and see if Aiden would want to see Aaron. Give him the chance to say goodbye at least.


Before the wedding Elizabeth knew decided she would visit Aiden. Give him the chance to meet his son and say goodbye to him. Because after the marriage and after David adopts him, Aiden will never have a say in Aaron’s life….

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 9: A new house and a grown up cat

  1. I wondered about Aiden and if she would at least try again. The thing that stinks is they can ignore kids for a long time and still “claim” them later. It’s good, but wrong all at the same time. 😦

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