Chapter 1: So this is home.

Aaron and Ashliegh arrived at 477 Sunnyside Blvd. From the outside their new home looked great. Screenshot-355 Screenshot-353 Screenshot-354“It’s kinda bare isn’t it?” Aaron said after they went inside. Ashleigh laughed. “Well what did you expect? It said it was unfurnished!” They went upstairs into what would be their bedroom and Aaron pinned Ashleigh up against the wall, Screenshot-356“how about we christen our new home?” Ashleigh grinned. “Aaron Simm! We don’t even have a bed in here yet!” “Who said we need a bed?” Ashleigh wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Screenshot-359“Well then, What are you waiting for?”

Once the moving van arrived, they unpacked but Aaron had a surprise for Ashleigh. He had bought her an easel. They set it up in the spare room and she wasted no time, getting out her paints almost immediately.Screenshot-361Aaron went out to the gym to try and get his Athletic up before getting a Job.Screenshot-365Ashleigh finished her painting and decided to cook dinner for her man. She didn’t have much experience cooking however they both agreed it turned out alright!Screenshot-364 Screenshot-367That night, at about 1am a loud noise woke Ashleigh up.Screenshot-373 Screenshot-375She looked outside and couldn’t see anybody however she noticed there was something in the letter box. She got dressed and went outside, inside the letterbox was a single letter.Screenshot-379 It had no stamp. The sender had been here. It was addressed to Ashleigh.


My My Ashleigh. How long it has been. And human we see. The last time I saw you as a human you were a few minutes old. Before we turned you into a doll. Miss Simm. End your relationship with your charge. An imaginary friend is supposed to be just that. A friend. We gave you this life Ashleigh and we can take it away. If you don’t end your relationship with this boy there will be consequences. This is a warning. 

Please don’t disobey us Miss Simm, From The Doctors.

Ashleigh was terrified. These people created her. turned her into a doll. Took her from her mother when she was just minutes old. And now they are forbidding her to be with the man she loves. We can take it away What did it mean? Did “The doctors” mean this literally or was it just an empty threat? Aaron was her life. Without him, Her life wouldn’t be worth living. She couldnt leave him over one stupid letter, Could she?

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Ooooh…So this was the start of Generation 2, Who are “The Doctors”? What did they mean? Will there be more letters? Will Ashleigh stay with Aaron despite the threat? You will have to wait and see…


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1: So this is home.

  1. I am SO impressed with this beginning! What a grand idea!!!! Now you’ve given me an idea for one of my sims (if he becomes heir, which it sounds like he will be, but there is still time left). Well, not necessarily an idea, but a thought. 😀 I’m excited to see what happens next. o_O

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