Chapter 10: A day at the beach

It was Saturday and because it was nice, Ashleigh decided to take the family to the beach. Aaron had seemed down lately and she thought the beach might also cheer him up. He seemed happy enough, playing in a sprinkler with LunarScreenshot-361But Ashleigh could see something was bothering him. So, When the girls were playing together she talked to him.Screenshot-365“Has he managed to find her?”Screenshot-363“yea. But I’ll never get to meet her.”

“Why not? Aaron the whole reason we came here was to find Elizabeth’s mother. Why can’t you meet her?”

“Because she died Ash. That’s why it took so long to find her. She was 48 when she had mum and she abandoned her because she was terminally ill. She died years ago.”

“We can still go and visit her grave.”

“There is no point. I wanted to know why she gave mum away and now I know. I just need to tell mum. I know she never said anything. But I know she must have thought about her mum. I know when I was younger I thought about my dad and wondered what he was like. Before I knew what he was really like.”Screenshot-362They left it at that, Aaron went to put Erin on the ship and Lunar went and got a cherry snow cone before heading home.Screenshot-367 Screenshot-366 Screenshot-368As soon as they arrived home, Ashleigh was overcome by a feeling of sickness, She quickly rushed to the toilet.Screenshot-372

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