Chapter 11: Police at the door

It was Sunday, The day of Aaron’s big game. However Ashleigh still didn’t feel right so she booked an appointment at the hospital. Unfortunately the only time they had available was during Aaron’s game. “Don’t worry about it babe. You take Erin to the hospital and Lunar can come with me to the game, she can cheer me on next to my manager and you and Erin can cheer me on when I get home.”

“Okay hun. Although you had better win!”

The rest of the day went by normally, Aaron and Lunar headed off to the game together and half an hour later, Ashleigh and Erin went to the hospital for an appointment. They went home and caught the end of the game on the T.V, Aaron’s team won!Screenshot-390 Screenshot-391 Screenshot-394“Princess, what are we going to say when daddy comes home?”

“YAY DADDY!” Erin shouted. Screenshot-395Then they waited. And waited. And waited. Aaron and Lunar were late.

A little after 9pm there was a knock at the door. Ashleigh answered and there was a policeman stood outside with Lunar,Screenshot-399“Hello Mrs Simm, I believe this is your daughter?”

“Yes she is officer. She went to the game with her father. Where is he?”

“Perhaps we should come in.”

The police officer came in and sat down. Screenshot-400“Mrs Simm, I’m sorry to tell you this but your husband is dead.”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m afraid not. He was found at 8.30pm near the Little Corsican Bistro. He had been shot twice in the back, one bullet punctured his lung, The second went straight through the heart. Your daughter was found hiding behind a car. She won’t tell us what she saw. She just kept saying she wanted you.”

Ashleigh stood up and sobbed. “GET OUT!” She screamed at the officer. “GET OUT OF MY HOME!”Screenshot-414The officer left and Ashleigh and Lunar hugged each other and cried. Erin was still too young to understand but she seemed to sense everyone was upset.Screenshot-420 Screenshot-421 Screenshot-422 Screenshot-423“I saw everything mum. I saw them kill him. I didn’t do anything. I just watched dad die.”

“Lunar, I know you didn’t want to tell the police what you saw. But will you please tell me? Its very important.”Screenshot-424“Okay mum. I’ll tell you.”

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Police at the door

  1. Oh my god! I was not expecting that! How horrible for the family!
    But the little evil part of me is looking forward to seeing how this will shape Erin in the future. And how Ash will be able to protect her girls.

    I am loving this legacy.

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