Chapter 12: You are all in danger…

It was after the game…Oh mum its all my fault! I said I was hungry so Dad took me to the Bistro for something to eat. There wasnt a parking space there so we parked behind the Book store.”

“Sweetheart it is NOT your fault!”

“When we eaten we walked back to the car and Dad had a phone call. I saw them mum…They were wearing white coats and their heads were big. They looked kinda like my head only meaner and ugly. There was two of them. One of them had a gun. And…And he pointed it at Dad. I tried to shout him but it was like a nightmare mum. Nothing came out! Then I heard it.”Screenshot-397“Heard what sweetheart?”

“The gun. I shut my eyes and put my hands over my ears. But when I looked next, Dad was dead. And the Ugly mean big heads were looking at me. They came over to me and gave me a letter. Told me it was for you. Then they walked off. I hid the letter under my top so the police wouldn’t take it.”Screenshot-398“I’m sorry I didn’t save him mum. I’m sorry I didn’t stop them.” Lunar said through tears.

Ashleigh hugged her daughter. “It’s not your fault. You have nothing to be sorry for. Can I have the letter?”

Lunar gave it to her and Ashleigh read it silently.

This was only the first. One by one your family will fall, next it will be your daughter, then your adopted daughter. Then you. We gave you a chance to save your family and you refused. Now you must face the consequences for your actions. See you soon Cuddles.

The Doctors

“Lunar sweetheart, We need to move.”

“Why? When?”

“The people who killed your father were very bad people. They want to kill us. So we are going to move so they can’t find us. You wont go to school any more and you will just do school work at home. We will have to be invisible. Do you understand?”

“If we do that will the Ugly Mean Big Heads leave us alone and not kill us?”

“I promise.”

They moved to Riverview and stayed with Elizabeth and David. David was getting old and had retired from the hospital and Elizabeth was now in her later 50s but they were happy to have them. When they arrived, Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Ashleigh and comforted her. Screenshot-425“Shhh, Shhh. I know dear. You have lost the love of your life. But you need to be strong. For those two girls over there,” They both turned to look as Lunar gave Erin a bottle, “They need you Ashleigh. Now more than ever. Being a single parent will be difficult but it will be worth it.”Screenshot-426Even though Elizabeth had decorated so that Lunar and Erin had their own rooms, That night they all wanted to be together. Ashleigh set up the travel cot for Erin while Lunar got ready for bed. “Mum, why do the ugly mean big heads want to kill us?”Screenshot-427“Because I did something bad.”

“What did you do?”

“I fell in love with your father. They didn’t like that.”

“Do you wish you didn’t fall in love with Dad?”

“No. Despite everything that has happened, I loved your father with all my heart and without him I wouldn’t have you or Erin.”

Lunar didn’t ask any more questions and that night they all fell into a deep dreamless sleep.Screenshot-430

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 12: You are all in danger…

  1. AHH! I can’t believe he died, I am so sad about this…. what the heck is going to happen?? I am glad that I just found this so I can kind of read through the whole thing and find out what happens without the suspense… good job you’re doing here! I’m surpringly hooked!

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