Chapter 13: A little piece of Aaron…

Ashleigh woke up before Lunar and Erin and not wanting to wake them, got up and went downstairs. To her surprise, Elizabeth was also awake. “Good morning.” She said, offering to make a cuppa. Screenshot-432Ashleigh smiled but refused, “Elizabeth, I only found out a few days ago, The day that Aaron…Well, you know.”

“What is it Ash?”Screenshot-434“I found out that I’m pregnant. The doctor estimated that I was about 2 months but I didn’t stay long enough for him to book me in for a scan, I was so excited to come home and tell Aaron but…He never got to know.”

“You are having Aaron’s second child?”

Ashleigh nodded. Screenshot-433“That’s a good thing! You will have a little one who will live through him. As will Erin. Aaron may be gone Ashleigh but you are lucky enough to have a little piece of him with you always. Two little pieces in fact, Erin and this little one.”

Ashleigh told Lunar about her pregnancy, She was pretty excited. “I want it to be a girl! I want another baby sister like Erin.” Screenshot-440“We’ll have to wait and see.”

“Aren’t you going to the doctors to find out?”Screenshot-441“No sweetheart, I’m not. I want it to be a surprise.”

Ashleigh’s pregnancy progressed normally, and with no word from the Doctors, Ashleigh had begun to believe she may have finally gotten rid of them for good.Screenshot-446She was too afraid to go to the hospital. In case the Doctors could hack into her files and find out she was pregnant again. Lunar really wanted to go to the new theme park with her mum and Ashleigh agreed. However they only managed to go on one rollercoaster, Screenshot-448because she went into labour there in the theme park!!! She was only 35 weeks but she was too scared to go to the hospital. Lunar was panicking. “What do I do mum? What do I do!?”Screenshot-450 Screenshot-451 Screenshot-452Ashleigh told Lunar to call Grandma and Grandad to come pick them up and Ashleigh had barely gotten through the front door when a little girl, Farrah Mae Simm was born.Screenshot-453 Screenshot-454She was small but she was perfect. Ashleigh had just managed to put her in the crib when a wave of pain washed over her…There was another baby!Screenshot-455 Screenshot-456After another 2 hours of excruciating pain, a little boy, Gabriel Aaron Simm was born.Screenshot-458 Screenshot-460Ashleigh cradled her baby boy. “I’m sorry you have to grow up without a father.”Screenshot-463Twins. Ashleigh wished Aaron could have been here to see them, to name them. To see his first born son. But she promised herself that she would never let the Doctors hurt them. If they wanted to get to her children they would have to kill her first…Screenshot-465


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TWINS!!! I was REALLY not expecting that. I knew Ashleigh was having a little girl. But it said she only had a 5% chance of twins so I was expecting just the one baby! So now we have 3 potential heirs! Erin, Farrah and Gabriel! I wonder who will win. The heir vote will happen soon because I need to know the heir before Erin becomes a teenager…

6 thoughts on “Chapter 13: A little piece of Aaron…

    • I thought of the angel Gabriel, telling Mary she would have a miracle baby. And Ashleigh who has fertility issues had a dead man’s twins. And then middle name Aaron just because its sweet!

  1. Didn’t Aaron want to name his son Elijah, I would’ve kept that. 🙂 (Not judging, I love their names!) I am amazed.. did you do another fertility treatment and that’s why?

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