Chapter 14: The Doctors find them…

“Ashleigh you HAVE to register the twins’ births! It is the law! And if you don’t you are not being fair to them! You have to do it!”Screenshot-467“It is better for them if I don’t!”

“You have to Ashleigh. If you don’t  then the police will come and make you register them. you will get fined. Ashleigh stop behaving so immaturely and do the right thing!”Screenshot-469In the end Elizabeth persuaded Ashleigh to register the twins’ birth. However it made Ashleigh’s worst fears come true. Screenshot-480A few weeks after registering there was a letter addressed to her. A letter with no stamp. A letter in the same handwriting that had been haunting her for years.


Did you really think you had gotten away from us? We had been contemplating our next move. We knew you were pregnant however we also knew you had moved. As there was no records of you anywhere we were unsure where but knew you would have to register your child’s birth. Congratulations on having twins. We were not expecting that. However we now have three half bloods to deal with. We are offering you a deal. We will not harm or interfere with you or your children. IF, you decided within a year to hand over one of your children to us once they turn 13. The only children that we will accept are the half bloods. If you accept this deal bring a portrait of the chosen child to the cemetery on the anniversary of Registering the twins’ birth. Place the portrait on Aaron’s grave and walk away. If you do as we ask, we will leave you alone until the chosen child comes of age. Then if you stand in our way we will kill you.

You have 12 months Ashleigh, From The Doctors.

Over the next year Ashleigh thought about the Doctor’s offer. Once the twins turned 1 she would have just two weeks to choose who to hand over to the Doctors when they turn 13 or She will die and so will all her children. She didn’t know what to do, Whether she could or would choose one of her children to hand over to them. How could she choose that? Give one of her children to the people who killed her husband and mother. Everyone loved the twins. Gabriel was very calm and docile. Happy to just be.Screenshot-472 Screenshot-475But Farrah was the complete opposite. She would cry for the sake of crying. And whenever she wasn’t crying she was eating!Screenshot-474 Screenshot-477The months passed and eventually the twins turned one. Neither inherited their father’s eye colour.Screenshot-478 Screenshot-479But little Gabriel had his father’s hair colour and texture. Ashleigh loved her children. All four of them. It would be Erin’s 5th birthday in two months. The deadline the Doctors gave her was in two weeks. Ashleigh didn’t know who she would choose. Or even if she would choose. But she had to decide…She just didn’t know how…

Which painting will be placed on Aaron’s grave?

Erin, Screenshot-482Farrah Screenshot-487or Gabriel?Screenshot-483


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 14: The Doctors find them…

  1. Firstly, I am psyched that they all got Ash’s eyes. That color stands out so much, and now it’ll be in the third heir no matter what.
    I can’t imagine she would choose to give away any of her children, considering what those people have done (and that’s just what she knows about. It’s hard to imagine all the other families they’ve destroyed). I think she’ll come up with something.
    Just based on looks so far, I’m torn between Erin and Gabe. I think I still like her better.

    • If she didn’t do it then her children would all die young. By making a choice she has bought herself time.

  2. i hope in the future chapters (that i already know are posted) that none of the children get sacrificed!

    also, not to be nit picky, i just know you like feedback, but this chapter seems to be missing the next chapter link! i always forget them on my blog.. just just letting you know =]

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