Chapter 15: Erin’s surprise and Ashleigh’s Choice.

Ashleigh’s time was up. She chose one of the portraits and drove to the cemetery. Placing the painting on her husband’s tombstone she cried. She was condemming her child to what might be a life of pain. but which child had she chose?Screenshot-488A few weeks later it was Erin’s birthday. She was turning 5.Screenshot-498 Screenshot-502She grew into a gorgeous childScreenshot-503 Screenshot-510A little while after, Lunar was becoming a teen. She stood in front of her cake and made a wish,Screenshot-512Then she blew out the candles, Screenshot-513and…Screenshot-516She became a beautiful teenager. Ashleigh took everyone out for a new family photo.Screenshot-534Without Aaron it still felt like there was a gap in their family. And it showed even more in the photo. One of her children would be going to the Doctors. So before that happened Ashleigh chose to make sure she spent as much time as possible with her children. Screenshot-517Farrah loved the clawScreenshot-518 Screenshot-519Lunar and Erin had a water balloon fightScreenshot-523 Screenshot-521 Screenshot-522Before Ashleigh tried the claw on Gabriel…Screenshot-529 Screenshot-530 Screenshot-531Then just before going home, Ashleigh showed off her skills with sparklers.Screenshot-533Erin was very tired when they returned home and to Ashleigh’s surprise. instead of changing into pyjamas she turned into a doll and fell asleep on the settee!Screenshot-535 Screenshot-536

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