Chapter 16: Muffins for Elves and Bedrooms for Twins

The sims may look slightly different. Changed default skin.

Since Caylyn and Damon moved out there had been two spare rooms downstairs. Ashleigh had them redecorated for the twins. Gabriel’s room:Screenshot-538 Screenshot-539 Screenshot-540And Farrah’s room:Screenshot-542 Screenshot-543 Screenshot-544That night would be the first night the twin’s had slept alone. Gabriel seemed quite happy.Screenshot-545“Big boy bed! Big boy bed! Big boy bed!”

“That’s right sweetie! you are going to sleep in a big boy bed!”Screenshot-546He fell asleep almost as soon as Ashleigh placed him in his bedScreenshot-547Farrah however, wasn’t so excited. Screenshot-548“No bed mama! Cib mama! Wan cib mama!”

“You’re too big for the crib now princess, that’s why you have a brand new big girl bed!”Screenshot-549“No weave mama!”Screenshot-551Ashleigh left the room and Farrah fell asleep eventually. Ashleigh went upstairs to check on Erin who was supposed to be getting ready for bed.

“Hey mum will you read me a bedtime story? I wanna learn about making muffins so that I can present them to the elves as a gift to stop them eating pixies.”Screenshot-557“Elves?”Screenshot-559“Yes mum! God! Everybody knows about the Elves! The elves keep the trolls away from under your bed but they eat pixies like the trolls do and the only way to protect the pixies is to feed the elves muffins. However if you feed them bad muffins you make them angry and then they don’t keep away the trolls and they let the trolls pull you under the bed and through the secret portal into a mystical forest where they will cook you and then make you into a stew and eat you!”Screenshot-558“okay babe, get ready for bed and I’ll read you a cookbook if that’s what you want.”

“Thanks mum!”Screenshot-564“Babe, I don’t think those are pyjamas.”

“But mum I wanna wear these for bed! in case I get pulled into the forest and it’s cold!”Screenshot-565Ashleigh shook her head, Erin definitely had an over-active imagination but Ashleigh was too tired to argue about what is reality and what is make believe and proceeded to read Erin the cookbook until she fell asleep. Screenshot-566Screenshot-567Ashleigh decided to check up on the twins before going to bed herself. She went into Gabriel’s room first. The bed was empty…Screenshot-556“Oh no.” Ashleigh said. “They couldn’t have. No. They are not 13 yet. He can’t be gone no. Farrah!” She ran to Farrah’s room and stopped dead in her tracks by what she saw…Screenshot-552Her youngest children, Farrah and Gabriel, were curled up together on Farrah’s bed. Fast asleep.Screenshot-553“My  babies.” Ashleigh smiled before covering them up with a blanket and going to bed.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Muffins for Elves and Bedrooms for Twins

    • Her father’s death certainly led to Erin’s insanity…

      (actually I just forgot to potty train her and when she aged up the game randomly assigned her that trait)

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