Chapter 17: Farrah and Gabriel

Farrah and Gabriel were very close and loved playing together. Their favourite game was probably hide and seek.Screenshot-568“on, uu, ive, evan, telve, en! Weady not ere I come!”Screenshot-570They loved to play on the activity table together. Screenshot-572They also liked playing on the playground they had in the garden with their big sister ErinScreenshot-574 Screenshot-590But for the most part, the twins preferred to play separately. Farrah always had to be doing something. Whether she was banging on the toy drum or biting off her dolls heads,Screenshot-589 Screenshot-635or even just crying for no reason. She was always doing something.Screenshot-633 Gabriel was the complete opposite. He was a very quiet sweet little boy. He preferred to be alone and his favourite toy was his teddy.Screenshot-583He may have been quiet but he was certainly a very smart little boy. He was just two years old when he taught himself to read.Screenshot-588Imagine Ashleigh’s surprise when she saw and heard her two year old son reading to his teddy! Gabriel was also very fond of his puzzle toy. Sure at first he found it difficult, Screenshot-609and he threw the occasional tantrum.Screenshot-610But pretty soon he figured it out.Screenshot-613 Screenshot-621 Screenshot-627He was quite pleased with himself.Screenshot-628 Screenshot-630 Screenshot-631Ashleigh even managed to get a photo of Erin, Farrah and Gabriel together. Lunar was in a mood and refused to be in the photo, Erin didn’t smile and Farrah wasn’t looking at the camera but Ashleigh still thought it turned out okay.Screenshot-612

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 17: Farrah and Gabriel

  1. I’m really liking the story so far! Like the IF slant; some people think they’re creepy, but I’ve always liked them. Just a couple of questions-where did u get toddler beds??!!?? And do they work like cribs or can they get in and out on their own?

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