Chapter 18: Lets go for a swim!

It was a nice day so Ashleigh decided to take the kids to the swimming pool. The day started off great. Gabriel loved the pool and kept splashing about.Screenshot-615Suprisingly, Farrah was more cautious about this “big bath” as she called it and just kept crawling around the edge, crying every time Ashleigh or Lunar tried to put her in the pool. Erin had her armbands on and jumped into the  pool with a big splash.Screenshot-622“Mum! Mum! Bet I can hold my breath longer than you can!” Erin shouted, Challenging Ashleigh to a breath holding contest. Her mum agreed, telling Lunar to watch Farrah. Screenshot-640Screenshot-632Screenshot-639Erin won when After about two minutes, Ashleigh had to come up for air.Screenshot-641 Screenshot-642A loud splash suddenly caught both Ashleigh and Erin’s attention. “FARRAH!” Ashleigh shouted.Screenshot-643Lunar, who had dozed off in the lounger sat up quickly. “Oh god, I’m sorry mum! I didn’t mean to! Oh mum!”Screenshot-645Ashleigh dove underwater to rescue her daughter. Screenshot-649Screenshot-650“Mum quick pass her to me. Granddad taught me and Erin first aid!”

While Lunar administered CPR, Ashleigh hugged Gabriel.Screenshot-653“Your sister will be fine. I promise baby. I won’t lose your sister like I lost your daddy.”Screenshot-652They heard a cough and a splutter. Lunar sat Farrah up as she coughed up more water. Then Ashleigh heard a very familiar cry.Screenshot-654Screenshot-655“Its okay baby girl. Everything will be okay. Mummy’s got you. Mummy’s got you sweetheart”

“Bad water mummy. big bad water!”

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Lets go for a swim!

  1. Oh no! Poor Farrah. Hopefully she isn’t traumatized by water for the rest of her life. And I feel so bad for Lunar. It’d be easy for a teenager to lose track of their young sibling. I hope Ash doesn’t get mad at her, especially after she did CPR.

    • its their birthday in the next chapter.

      I thought granddad David teaching them first aid would make sense seeing as he is in the medical profession.

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