Chapter 19: A bear in the shower

It had been a few months since the pool incident. Despite Lunar performing CPR and saying sorry over 1000 times Ashleigh still couldn’t trust her eldest daughter. But Lunar had been trying to help more with the twins and with Erin in an effort to win back her mums trust. She had even set up a party for the twins 5th birthday.

It was the night before the party, about 1am when all the kids SHOULD have been asleep, Erin was in the downstairs bathroom. She was tampering with the shower and muttering something about a bear.Screenshot-661 Screenshot-660Then she went to the sink, “No Alligators will get through the taps now.”Screenshot-662Then she went back to bed. The next morning. Lunar came down to have a shower before the party. It started off alright.Screenshot-671However once she got out she was dripping pink! “hang on a second, what is this?”Screenshot-672 Screenshot-673 Screenshot-674“This is a disaster!”Screenshot-675“That little sh*t! She has done this I’m sure of it!” Meanwhile Erin was quite happy pretending to be queen.Screenshot-677“LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!” Lunar screamed at her.Screenshot-680“It’s not my fault you went in the shower! It wasn’t meant for you!”

“Who was it meant for? Mum? Nana? Granddad? Who Erin?”Screenshot-681“IT WAS MEANT FOR THE BEAR!”Screenshot-682“What bear? I can’t see any bears in Riverview!”

“Of course you can’t because it is invisible! I’m not stupid! How would you see something that is invisible?”Screenshot-683“Why did you put a dye in the shower! And what on earth do bears that don’t exist have to do with it?!?”Screenshot-687“They do exist! Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there! I put the dye in the shower so that when the bear washed himself in the morning after hunting for fish all night the dye would get into his invisible fur and make him visible!”

“For god’s sake Erin you are 9 years old! You need to stop believing in all these stupid stories! Now I am going to go and brush my teeth. There had better be nothing else wrong with the bathroom!”

“Beware of Alligators.”Screenshot-688Just as Lunar went to rinse her toothbrush, the taps exploded with water, soaking her.Screenshot-690Screenshot-694She turned off the tap and was dripping with water.  “ERIN WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!”Screenshot-697Screenshot-700Screenshot-701

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 19: A bear in the shower

    • yep. and because she is just a kid nobody really suspects anything is “wrong” just that this seeing things is an overactive imagination or that she is just pretending and that she will grow out of it.

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