Chapter 2: You are not alone.

Aaron got a job at the football stadium. he only earned £13 an hour but he assured Ashleigh they would manage. Ashleigh often felt lonely stuck in the house all day. Sometimes she would find herself rubbing her stomach wishfully. She wanted a baby. She had for a while but she knew Aaron wouldn’t have any of it.Screenshot-17For some reason he really disliked kids. maybe it was the age gap between him and the twins, When they were born he was at an age where all babies are gross and maybe that idea stuck. She would have a baby one day though.She wanted a lovely little family. And she was sure that one day Aaron would love a son to run around playing football with, Watching football with, Seeing his son cheering for him at his games.Untitled1And she would love a daughter just as Artistic as she is, They could be stood side by side painting.UntitledOne Day she would get a Family. To ease her boredom she painted. Not only did it entertain her but it also brought in some extra money. She was getting really good.Screenshot-19Aaron was always either working or down at the gym, sometimes he didn’t get home until after midnight when Ashleigh was already in bed asleep.  On one such night he heard some strange goings on outside. He went out to investigate. He saw strange lights in the sky.Screenshot-27Screenshot-44Aaron was more curious than scared. Until the lights turned into a UFO that is.Screenshot-40 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-43He tried to run but it was too late. The UFO had him trapped in the beam.Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48Ashleigh slept through it all. However she woke up at 3am to what she thought was a helicopter flying low with the lights on. Going downstairs she looked out of the window and saw a UFO appear outside her home!Screenshot-32 Screenshot-28Then, her boyfriend Aaron appeared. Stood next to an alien!Screenshot-29 Screenshot-31Ashleigh was shocked to say the least. However she shouldn’t have been surprised. I mean why WOULDN’T aliens exist? She was an imaginary friend, Aaron’s adopted sister was a witch. Rebecca went to a school full of werewolves, fairies and vampires. If all that exists, why wouldn’t aliens?


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 2: You are not alone.

  1. Poor Aaron! Getting probed is not very comfortable. 😦 Hopefully, he doesn’t get pregnant….that’d be crazy (yet kind of cool). I’ve never had a pregnant male before. 😀

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