Chapter 20: Party for Two

Erin’s friend Thaddeus was the first guest to arrive. Erin was always smiling around him and always laughing. Ashleigh was sure Erin fancied him although she would never admit it.Screenshot-703“Hey Erin, thanks for inviting me!”

“Its fine T.J. Do you wanna have a water fight?”Screenshot-705“Sure.” They ran outside together where Ashleigh was setting up the food table.Screenshot-707“Nah Nah Na Nahh Nahhh you cant get me!”Screenshot-714“Wanna bet?”Screenshot-713Screenshot-712Suzie came to the party and to David’s surprise she was pregnant! She was having a little boy, 22 years after having her first child Rebecca.Screenshot-709Now that Lunar was dry and calm(er) she went outside and got a rainbow snow cone from the machine she had rented for the day. Only the best for her baby siblings’ birthday!Screenshot-708Screenshot-711Elizabeth flung Farrah up in the air, “You are getting so big!”Screenshot-710Ashleigh picked Farrah up to blow out her candles however she seemed to be quite tired and more interested in sleep than cake!Screenshot-719 Screenshot-720Screenshot-718Screenshot-716(Erin looks completely sane doesn’t she?)Screenshot-717Erin was the only person cheering for Farrah’s birthday because Suzie chose the perfect time to go into labour…Screenshot-715Farrah grew into a beautiful child. And was quite happy about the cake. However the pool incident clearly traumatized her as she gained the hydrophobic trait…Screenshot-722 Screenshot-724Then it was Gabriel’s turn. His twin cheered him on as he grew up.Screenshot-726 Screenshot-728His hair stayed incredibly curly and just got bigger. Suzie left to go to the hospital where she had a baby boy she named Oscar.Screenshot-730Gabriel also got a slice of cake.Screenshot-731That evening Ashleigh came upstairs and saw Gabriel staring at a photograph of Aaron, deep in thought.Screenshot-747“What are you doing sweetie?”

“Who’s that?”

“That’s a photograph of your father.”

“Where is he mum? Why haven’t I met him? Why does he never visit?”Screenshot-752“Because he died. He is in heaven. He died before you were born.”

“Why? how did he die?”

“He was killed by very bad people. But you’re safe now. I won’t let anybody hurt you or your sisters.”Screenshot-754


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Party for Two

  1. This is such a gripping story!! It took me a while but I’m all caught up and actually I’m kinda upset that there isn’t another chapter for me to go to! xD I’m nervous about when “The Doctors” are going to appear again and what’s going to happen when they do :S

  2. The twins are so cute and it totally makes sense for Farrah to be hydrophobic. It was also quite amusing with the labor at the birthday party. I am quite curious though as towards what may be transpiring with the Doctors.

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