Chapter 21a: The Doctors Return…

A few days after her birthday, Farrah was in the playground they had in the garden with Erin.Screenshot-755“Farrah can you turn into a doll?”

“What do you mean?”Screenshot-756“Like turn into a doll, Like this! Watch out sis because I am AMAZING”Screenshot-759 Screenshot-761 Screenshot-762“Oh…I don’t know. I’ve never tried.” “Try then!”Screenshot-764“Yes! This is the best! We are both magic!”Screenshot-766“Erin, do you think Gabe can turn into a doll as well?”Screenshot-768“I don’t know. Probably. but maybe its just a girl thing. We will have to ask him.”

Nothing much happened in the next couple of months until one Saturday. David went out to get the mail. Screenshot-775There was an envelope in there. An envelope with no stamp. on the front it read

Erin, Farrah & Gabriel

David did not understand the significance of the letter and gave it to Erin and the twins who were watching T.V.Screenshot-778

Dear Erin, Farrah and Gabriel,

You three are Aaron and Ashleigh’s biological children. And we are sorry to inform you that you three should never have been born. Your mother is a very selfish woman. Regardless of what she has told you, if she has told you anything about your father’s death. It is a lie. Whatever your elder sister Lunar has told you about what she saw that night is true. Yes we shot your father. However what none of you know is that your mother chose to have your father killed. we gave her a choice. time and time again we gave her a choice. If she had left your father we wouldn’t have needed to take further action. Your mother dragged you three into this years ago. As soon as the twins were born we gave her the choice. You three are half bloods. You are only half human. We have never had this before and we would like to experiment on one of you. This was the choice we gave her. Which one of your children will you hand over to us. Your mother’s made a choice. However her choice was invalid. Because of this you will now suffer unnecessary pain. Both physical and mental. Because we are coming. And we will take one of you back with us. If you make a choice between yourselves nobody will die. And You will not be harmed during our experiments. If you take after your mother then one of you will still come to us. However when you do come with us you will be alone in this world. All your family will be dead.

We hope you will not make your mother’s mistakes. This will not ‘Go Away’. From The Doctors

Screenshot-781“This is stupid. Mum never got dad killed. I know you two were just dots in mum’s belly when he died but Lunar said the big mean ugly heads killed him. then they handed her a letter and when she gave it to mum she cried! These doctors have been horrible to mum for ages and now they want to be horrible to us! Well I’m not listening to none of it! I’m getting dressed and going to the fair. feel free to join me.” Erin said, jumping off the settee.

“I’m sure Erin’s right. I mean mum inst selfish is she? And there is no way she would give one of us away! I’m going to play on my computer, fancy a game of catch later sis?”

“Uh sure Gabe, but what if they are right? I mean mum never talks about him. About dad. Maybe its because she feels guilty.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 21a: The Doctors Return…

  1. It’s so cool that you make poses. That’s way too complicated for me!

    As for the story, I wonder why they’re saying Ash’s choice is invalid. If any of them were to volunteer, I could see it being Erin, to save her brother and sister.

    • Erin doesn’t believe a word of the letter though.

      You will find out soon enough why it was invalid…

      And I like making poses! It’s hard and well I’m not great yet. The one where the 3 of them are reading the letter, Erin’s arm looks really weird where you can’t see it -_- but if your careful with the angles it looks great!

      I do pose requests aswell now 🙂

  2. Poses are totally awesome! I can’t imagine my story without them now. 🙂 Pose requests, eh? I’ve never had a need….yet. 🙂

    I am glad Erin believes the best about her mom. Still…I feel bad things…

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