Chapter 21b: The Doctors Return…

Farrah was still sat staring at the letter when Ashleigh got up. She saw Farrah in tears and ran to comfort her.Screenshot-782“What’s wrong sis?”

“It…it’s this letter. Its from people called the doctors and its about mum and dad and it says me, Gabe and Erin shouldn’t have been born and mum chose to give one of us away but she didn’t and you saw dad die and now they are going to kidnap us!” Farrah cried, giving Lunar the letter and cuddling into her. Lunar read it quickly, “We need to tell mum. These people…If they even are people, aren’t joking around. I saw them shoot dad. I watched him die. Mum has been getting letters like this for years. But I don’t think she would choose to give one of away. Not to them. She would rather die a thousand times before she let them have one of you.”Screenshot-783Lunar told her mum about the letter, disrupting her from her latest painting. “Mum I need to talk to you. It’s important.”Screenshot-790“What is it?”

“It’s the doctors. They’re back.”Screenshot-791“They are back? How do you know? Have you seen them? Have they sent me a letter? Lunar tell me. Now.” Screenshot-792“I haven’t seen them again and no they haven’t sent a letter to you. They’ve sent a letter to the kids. They are coming for them mum. They are coming to take one of the children. Theyve told them to choose amongst themselves who will go with them or they will kill all of us to get to them. What are we going to do mum?”

“I’m going to get an extension built. a secret one. One just for us. So that when they do come  we can hide. We can make sure Elizabeth and David are away and we can hide.”Screenshot-793“I don’t think hiding will work mum. They’ll find us eventually. They always do.”

A year passed with no word from the doctors. Ashleigh wanted to believe the letter was a lie but she knew better. They were waiting. Waiting until she would least expect it. She had a secret basement flat built below the house. A library with a secret doorway and a small 3 room flat for them to live.Screenshot-786 Screenshot-788another two years passed and Erin, Gabriel and Farrah seemed to have forgotten about the letter and the threat. but Lunar and Ashleigh never did. Erin was now 12 and her a Thaddeus were best friends. The twins were now 8, Gabriel spent a lot of time reading books on his tablet. Farrah was just as sporty as her dad had been, she loved to play football.Screenshot-812 Screenshot-799 Screenshot-800On one particular day. A Sunday in early November, Thaddeus was coming over, she spent hours getting ready. Curling her hair, doing her make up, picking out what to wear. Ashleigh chuckled. Erin definitely had a crush on T.J.Screenshot-803 Screenshot-804“You look really pretty Erin.”Screenshot-806“Thank you T.J.”

“I always think you’re pretty Erin.”Screenshot-807Meanwhile, Lunar was washing up. When she saw a familiar face through the window…Screenshot-811“Oh no…They’re here.”Screenshot-813

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