Chapter 22: Everything Ends…

Lunar had gotten all the kids downstairs. Including Thaddeus who was now stressing out. “What’s going on Erin? Why can’t I go home?”Screenshot-980

“There are some bad people here. Apparently they murdered our dad.”Screenshot-981

“They did murder Dad Erin. I was there remember? I saw it happen! I was with him when he died.”

Farrah jumped up from the dining chair and hugged Lunar. “They are gonna kill mum now aren’t they? Because she won’t let them have us?”

“I don’t know. But I do know that she will die if it means you will live. She would rather die than see you three come to any harm.”

“Shut up Lunar! They won’t kill mum! Stop trying to be all grown up! You are just a kid so stop trying to be anything else!” Gabriel shouted. He stormed out of the living room/kitchen area. and sat behind the stairs. Lunar followed him.Screenshot-974

“Don’t go upstairs Gabe, I know you don’t want anything to happen to mum. None of us do. I’m just trying to be realistic. These…These things are killers. I know. I’ve saw. They will kill to get what they want. And they want you. Mum is the only thing standing in their way. I’m sorry I’m being honest with you Gabe.”

Erin and Thaddeus were sat on the settee. “I never knew you were in such danger Erin.”

“I wasn’t. Not really.”Screenshot-978

“But we might not get out of this alive. And I might not get another chance to tell you. I. I really like you Erin. Like, I like like you.”

“I really like you too.”

“Yea and I err. I don’t think I will ever get another chance to do this…”Screenshot-972

“You kissed me! Thaddeus you kissed me!”Screenshot-973


“Um yea I did and I want to know if you’ll be my girlfriend Erin. I mean if we all get out of here.”

Before Erin could answer a loud scream was heard from upstairs. “IT’S MUM!” Gabe screamed. Jumping up from the floor and running upstairs before Lunar could grab him.

“Gabe no!” She shouted. Stopping Farrah from following him. Lunar picked Farrah up as she screamed.Screenshot-977

“You’re going to let them take my brother! Just like you let them kill my dad! Let me go!”

“Nobody is going to take Gabe Farrah. He is my brother too.” Erin said, Running up the stairs and almost falling over.Screenshot-975

More screams were heard. They heard Erin, Gabriel and Ashleigh. Three gunshots were heard. Then, silence…

Lunar and Farrah looked at each other. “They aren’t…They aren’t dead…are they?”Screenshot-971



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