Chapter 4: Lets go to China!

As Lunar learned how to walk, grew out of nappies and learned to talk. Ashleigh worried about her ability to fall pregnant.Screenshot-100Screenshot-101Screenshot-109For the past two years, ever since Lunar was born. She had stopped taking the pill and hadn’t told Aaron. However She had never fell pregnant. And every time she brought up having another child, Aaron’s answer was always the same. “Hun we have Lunar. She is enough! We don’t need another baby!”Screenshot-147Aaron was right that they didn’t need a baby. But she wanted one. I mean her boyfriend had experienced Pregnancy and childbirth and she hadn’t. That isn’t very fair in her opinion.So one day, While Aaron was at work. She took Lunar with her to a Doctor appointment. Lunar was fascinated by the snowflakes.Screenshot-160She had booked an appointment with the fertility Doctor, who after a chat and reviewing the results of her fertility test found out that there was an issue with her egg production. He prescribed her some fertility pills and said that if she didn’t fall pregnant within six months she should come back. Screenshot-161When they got home Aaron was already back and strangely Excited. He picked up Lunar and flung her in the air. “Do you want to go and see Grandma and Grandpa baby girl?”

“We are going to Riverview?” Ashleigh asked Aaron.Screenshot-165“No, We are going to China. But Mum and Dad have offered to look after Lunar for us while we are away.”

“China? Can we afford it? And do Liz and David know about Lunar’s…Condition?”

“Yeah I told them about it but I said she is just like any other child so they shouldn’t treat her differently.”Screenshot-163“Then lets go.”

They dropped Lunar off at Aaron’s parents house on their way to the airport. And after a 10 hour flight, They arrived. Aaron wasted no time in finding a tomb for them to explore, Ashleigh couldn’t help but smile. A tomb in Egypt was where they experienced their first kiss. Screenshot-115Kiss MemoryAshleigh managed to persuade Aaron to go and get them some supplies before going searching through Tombs. Even if he made her go in to buy them.Screenshot-116Just like before, They helped each other through the tomb.Screenshot-118 Screenshot-126 Screenshot-128 Screenshot-131“Babe are you going to help me?”Screenshot-122“Of course Sweetie, I’ll do all the easy jobs!”

At the end of the tomb Ashleigh found an ancient relic in a treasure chestScreenshot-127 Ashleigh wanted to find their way out but Aaron stopped her. “Wait just one moment” He said, getting down on one knee. “Aaron, what are you doing?”Screenshot-132“Ashleigh Simm,” He began, getting a jewellery box from his pocket.Screenshot-133“I’ve loved you since we were kids, and when we shared our first kiss in Egypt I could picture this day in my head. You are the only woman I’ve ever loved Ashleigh so will you please do me the honour of becoming my wife?”Screenshot-134 Screenshot-136“YES! YES! Of course I will! YES!” Ashleigh shouted, Jumping up and down in happiness. Aaron placed the ring on her finger and they kissed.Screenshot-139 Screenshot-140They were both getting a bit sleepy so they set up the tent they bought. However…Screenshot-142they didn’t get much sleeping done…Screenshot-144

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I Honestly believed Ashleigh has something wrong with her fertility. I made them try for a baby like 7 times in two days and she didn’t fall pregnant. So I used master controller cheats to give her 10,000 lifetime happiness points so I could get her Fertility Treatment. So HOPEFULLY there will be an heir soon. I did say I would use cheats, just not for money or mood.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Lets go to China!

  1. I LOVE MC!!!! I couldn’t play my game without (nor do poses without it). 😀 I’m a little worried now. She isn’t supposed to stay with Aaron. o_O I wonder what will happen to her. Does Aaron have the dislikes kids trait?

  2. Uh oh, I sense trouble. Not only are they still together but if he doesn’t like kids and she becomes pregnant things could get interesting :O lovely generation though I really like the story :3

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