Chapter 5: Last Chance

When they first came back from China, Ashleigh noticed that some mail had been arrived. She got the mail while Aaron went inside to unpack.Screenshot-146There was a letter addressed to her. She recognised the handwriting on the front, the lack of a stamp. She slowly opened the envelope and read it.

We told you to break up with him Ashleigh. So instead you got engaged. You Clearly do not believe we are serious about what we say. So this time we have included a photograph. This is your mother. This is what we did to her minutes after she had you. Once she was no longer of use to us we slit her throat and watched her die. You watched it too. You are travelling down a dangerous path. Marriage to Aaron will only cause you pain an despair. We do not want to kill you, Which is why we are giving you a second chance. Break up with Aaron or we will kill you both. And Lunar too. 

End it, From The Doctors.

Ashleigh was sick to her stomach. The photograph was definitely of her mother. She had the same nose, lips and bone structure. She was laid on a bed, covered in blood, her throat slashed ear to ear. She quickly ran to the toilets and threw up.Screenshot-167 Ashleigh had to tell Aaron what was going on. She expected him to back off, break up with her. To protect himself and Lunar. But to her surprise he hugged her. Screenshot-189“We will get through this together. Marriage is a sacred covenant or something isn’t it? They couldn’t hurt us if we got married. I promise you. I’ll invite my family and we can get married in the back garden on Christmas day. How does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect. But I don’t want to put you or Lunar in danger.”

“We wont be. When we get married these “Doctors” wont be able to bother us any more with these empty threats. I promise.”

True to his word, Aaron arranged for them to get married on Christmas day. Ashleigh had felt a bit off for the past few months. So the day before she had bought a pregnancy test. ‘Just in case’ the pills had worked. She took the test on the morning of her wedding.Screenshot-231Elizabeth, David, Brooklynn, Damon and Caylyn were the only guests. And Lunar of course. As Ashleigh walked down the aisle, Everyone turned to look at her.Screenshot-211“Wow Ash, you’re so pretty!”Screenshot-213“mummy dress!” Lunar shouted. Even Aaron turned around with a smile on his face. Elizabeth could see he was absolutely smitten with this girl.Screenshot-214They exchanged rings and kissed, Aaron’s family cheered and flung heart shaped confetti over them.Screenshot-218 Screenshot-219Then they went indoors for the cake, Brooklynn and Lunar sat at the dining table with their cake. However Lunar was clearly getting tired.Screenshot-221 Screenshot-225Ashleigh barely finished her slice before running to the bathroom, Elizabeth saw this and went to speak to Aaron.Screenshot-226“Congratulations!” Elizabeth said smilingScreenshot-229“Thanks mum! I’ve loved Ash all my life and well. Marrying her just seems normal. I know it should seem like a really big thing but I’ve been thinking about this day since Egypt.”Screenshot-230“No I mean…nevermind. Do you know what’s up with Ash? I’ve seen her run to the bathroom” He doesn’t know She thought.Screenshot-227“Oh I’m sure its just a stomach bug, don’t worry so much mum!”

They left it at that. While Aaron was putting Lunar to bed, Elizabeth had a quick word with Ashleigh.

“I know.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Ashleigh, I’ve had 4 kids. I know.”

“You haven’t told Aaron have you?”

“No, but you should. You will be showing soon and can’t hide it for long.” Elizabeth told her. Once everyone left and the place was clean, Ashleigh sat alone in the kitchen, deep in thought.Screenshot-232I have to tell him. Right after I’ve been to the doctors. I need to know how far along I am. Then, I’ll tell him. I’ll tell him I’m pregnant…

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Last Chance

  1. Holy shit! I was not expecting that. These Doctor people are cruel! They better not hurt her, because she needs to make lots of babies with Aaron haha.

    The wedding was beautiful. Loved her dress and gloves.

    • They certainly arent a nice bunch. altering infants genetics, turning babies into dolls, taking them from their mothers, murdering women minutes after they give birth…

      We havent heard the last of the Doctors…

  2. Ooooh…I do NOT like these doctors. *fists clinched by her side*

    Lunar is super cute with that outfit! Glad that Ash is cute and I really hope when she has her baby that they don’t murder her. Maybe she can have it at home or something. Maybe they won’t come, but I don’t think so…..

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