Chapter 7: Now You Must Pay.

about six weeks after Erin’s birth, A parcel arrived in the mail, it came with a letter. The handwriting on the front chilled Ashleigh to the bone. Opening the letter, Ashleigh began to read…Screenshot-288Mrs Simm,

You have disobeyed us on multiple occasions. We forbid you from seeing your charge and you married him. Children are forbidden from al imaginary friends. We alter your genetics in such a way that a female’s eggs shouldn’t grow and a male’s sperm shouldn’t swim. Somehow…With medicinal help, you have managed to fall pregnant and have a child. We could kill the half-blood immediately. We have killed more babies than one woman could have in a lifetime, and haven’t felt an ounce of guilt. Well I assure you Ashleigh. You have disobeyed us one too many times. Marriage will not save you. Nor will being a mother. We have killed millions of mothers. Millions of Wives. However unlike you, They did not know why they would die. You will die for your sins so your child can live…If you accept your fate, come to the Sunset Valley cemetery at midnight. Come in your toy form. If you do not accept this fate you are stupid. And we will create other arrangements. Don’t bother with the police. we are inside ever database on the planet. We can control the minds of anyone we please. We can easily make you seem insane Ashleigh. Is that how you want Erin to fin out about you? Went crazy and committed suicide? You have crossed the wrong people Mrs Simm and now you must pay. 

Pleasant Rest Graveyard, Midnight. Be alone and Don’t make the wrong decision. The Doctors.

Ashley went upstairs and picked up Erin. “how could anybody want to hurt you.You are so sweet and innocent. You have never done anything wrong.” She held her baby close. “How can I say goodbye to you? How can I go to my death when you are still so young? I don’t know what to do.”Screenshot-285 Screenshot-287that night Ashleigh sat downstairs holding Erin. She couldn’t say goodbye to her. She couldn’t say goodbye to Aaron or Lunar. They were her family. Erin was too young.Screenshot-290Lunar knew all she needed to and Ashleigh was almost sure Aaron could cope with her, But Erin still needed round the clock care. Something Aaron wouldn’t give her. Ashleigh looked at the clock, She couldn’t go. She wouldn’t go. If she was dead they might just kill her family anyway. She had to stay. To protect them. She didn’t know. out in the cemetery the doctors waited…Screenshot-293The next morning Ashleigh had another letter in the mail. Screenshot-296

You didn’t show. Now you must face the consequences… 

The Doctors

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I know this Chapter is quite short but I don’t want to give too much away in one chapter, But don’t worry! There will me more up today!

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