Chapter 8: Birthdays and The Spring Festival

The next twelve months passed with no word from the doctors. Ashleigh hoped they had forgotten. But knew that wasn’t true. They wanted to destroy her  psychologically as well as physically. They wanted to keep her waiting. Always looking over her shoulder. Never knowing when or how they would attack.

In other news, Little Lunar turned 5. Screenshot-295And it was time for baby Erin to turn 1.Screenshot-297 Screenshot-299 Screenshot-300Aaron had been promoted and was now an actual footballer. He had his next game on Sunday and the whole family were going to attend. However. Before that Tuesday it was Valentines day. So Ashleigh took the whole family to the fair. Lunar loved collecting eggs. Screenshot-305 Screenshot-306Ashleigh put Erin on the bumblebee rideScreenshot-308 Screenshot-309Ashleigh and Aaron tested their love. (Their result was Wild)Screenshot-311And Ashleigh even had a go on the kissing booth, Where she promptly got a kiss off Aaron.Screenshot-314 Screenshot-321Lunar persuaded Aaron to get his face painted with her and then went off to roller skate with Ashleigh. Her hearts turned out great!Screenshot-326 Screenshot-325But Aaron…Screenshot-327“Are you sure this is a pirate? Just it looked a little different on the picture.” Even little Erin laughed at Daddy’s face!Screenshot-328 They also got a lovely family photo before they headed home.Screenshot-344

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