Chapter 1: Who are you?

What the hell. The door was open. And regardless of where I was, I wanted to find my way out. The only way to figure out how to get out of this place is to explore it.


My door slammed shut and locked behind me. So what. It wasn’t like I wanted to go back in there anyway. tried every single door in that corridor but they were all locked. There was a spiral staircase at the end of the corridor. I slid down it. If I was in some kind of prison I wanted to have as much fun as I possibly could!


I heard some music from the bottom of the corridor. Following the sound I ended up in a room with more kids in it. What sort of prison is full of kids? They were all wearing white as well. Either all in white or a white t-shirt and denim jeans. Was this some kind of uniform?


A girl with these glowing gold eyes smiled and came over to me. “You must be the half blood. We have been waiting a long time for you. They had to wait for you because your mum made a deal with them.”


“What do you mean? Who are they? Where is this place?”


“Haven’t they spoke with you yet? They are the Doctors. And this is their hospital They test out our genetics to see how they mix. And they make imaginary friends like Indigo over there. You are a half blood because you are half human like Aqua and half imaginary friend like Indigo.”

“Okay. So what? What does that have to do with why I’m here.”


“An imaginary friend has never had a child before. So you are one of a kind. And the Doctors need you to figure out how much imaginary friend DNA you have inherited. Whether or not you can switch between a doll and a human. Whether you can reproduce. We are here to be experiments for genetic modified infants. Like The doctors make special babies inside of us to sell so they can keep the hospital running. But they can’t  do it until we turn 13 like Ginny. Ginny turned 13 last week and she has already had 5 babies!”


“Thats really strange.”


“Not for us. And living here isn’t that bad. There is a swimming pool and a surfing station and a rollercoaster downstairs. And you can rollerskate and Iceskate all year round. We have the games room next door and this is our entertainment room. We also get to go into the kitchen and eat twice a day. We get experimented on twice a week but it doesn’t hurt because they put us to sleep while they do it and we wake up in our room feeling quite sick and dizzy. but that’s because of the painkillers. I’m Winnie by the way.”


“I’m…I don’t know who I am.” I said. It was true. How could I not know my own name?

“Make up a name. Thats what we did. I made up the name Winnie because I’m a werewolf. You should pick a name beginning with H because you are a half blood.”


“Umm. How about Hayley?”

“I like it. You suit Hayley.”

After that long conversation I began to settle in and played some Skeeball but I wasn’t very good at it.




So I knew where I was. A hospital. I had a new name. Hayley. And I am here because my parent’s made a deal with the doctors when I was little.

I still didn’t know Who The Doctors were but I’m sure I will meet them soon.



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