Chapter 10: Getting to Know Nicholas (And my pregnancy stuff)

Winter soon arrived and with it along came the snow. How had I ever forgotten about snow? Its wonderful!

Screenshot-67 Screenshot-69

However I never forgot about bump. As soon as I started feeling cold I went inside. I didn’t want to do anything that might hurt the baby.


Nick and I had also become really close. I thought of him as one of my best friends.

Screenshot-77 Screenshot-78

He was the only person (except for me) who ever felt the baby kick.

Screenshot-98 Screenshot-102

I had become very close to his daughter Taylor as well. She made me feel excited about becoming a mum. Maybe Taylor and my little one could be friends? There would only be three years between them.

Screenshot-95 Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84 Screenshot-86 Screenshot-90 Screenshot-94

Once though Nicholas did try to be more than friends…

Screenshot-80 Screenshot-82

I actually pushed him away. “I’m sorry Nick I can’t do this! I do like you but its just as a friend. I have too much on my mind to cope with a relationship as well. I’m sorry.”

Yeah Nick did make me laugh and I could even go an hour without thinking about him and every time I thought about him I smiled. And I guess his kiss DID give me butterflies. I’m Just not ready for a relationship.

Nick didn’t call me for a few weeks after I rejected him. Then when he did all he said was “come round my house in two hours” It was late January and it was my 17th Birthday. Nicholas has arranged a small party for me!

Well I say party It was just Nicholas, Taylor and myself. But it was great fun! We had pizza and Nick had even bought me presents! He bought me a beautiful silver necklace and a camera. The first thing I did was take a picture of him and Taylor!

Screenshot-104 Screenshot-109

Taylor was getting quite fussy so Nick took her upstairs to bed. I followed him however I immediately noticed the doll at the bottom of her bed. That Doll was from the Doctors and would be very special to Taylor as she grows up.

Screenshot-111 Screenshot-115

I rubbed my growing belly. I couldn’t wait for my little one  to arrive. (I secretly hoped I was having a little girl)

Screenshot-117 Screenshot-116

When Nick had Taylor into bed I hugged him tightly. The butterflies returned in my stomach but I ignored them. “Thank you so much Nicholas.”

“Any time Erin. It killed me not talking to you these past few weeks.”



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