Chapter 13: Erin Simm, Single or not?

I dropped Hayley off at Nicholas’s house at 6pm. I had dressed up in a pretty red dress and heels. I know we were just going out as friends but I still wanted to look good for him.


I had assumed Nick’s sister was a teenager but to my surprise When I came in there were two more children there and Nick’s sister who I guessed was about 24. Nick had also dressed up in a suit! I have to say, I did think he looked quite dashing.

Screenshot-184 Screenshot-188 Screenshot-189

Nicholas took us to a fancy resturant, It served stuff like Truffle Torte and Lobster. Fish and Chips and hamburgers weren’t even on the menu!


Every time Nicholas looked away I couldn’t help but smile at him, turning away the second he looked up.


“This is quite a fancy place for us to go as friends Nick.” I said quietly, looking down at my meal.


Nick put his fork down and looked up, “Erin, just stop it. We both know we are more than ‘just friends’. I know that you aren’t interested in marriage and stuff because of something in your past but I really like you and I would love to go on a real date with you. Not marriage. Not even a relationship. Just one real date.”


“I don’t know. Nicholas I do like you its just. It is hard enough being a mum to Hayley. I don’t think I could be a good girlfriend.

“I know you’ve had a hard life Erin. Your family was taken away from you when you were too young to cope. And I know that’s why you don’t want to get close to me. But You need to trust somebody Erin. I am not going to leave you. No matter what you do or what you tell me I will not leave you. I am falling for you and I don’t know how to stop it. When you smile at me I can see in your eyes that you feel more than friendship for me.”

I almost choked on my food.


“You’re what? Please don’t tell me you love me. I don’t WANT you to love me. Nicholas can we change the topic now? I really don’t want to talk about this.”

“Fine, lets forget I ever said anything. But I will always be here Erin. I’m not going to leave you.”


We ate the rest of our meal in silence. Awkward silence. When we were both nearly done I whispered, avoiding all eye contact, “I’ll give you a chance at a real date Nick. But we aren’t dating.” Nicholas didn’t say anything but I swear I saw him smile.

Once Nick paid the bill, “A gentleman ALWAYS pays on the first date.” He had told me with a wink, we went for a walk along the pier. He slipped his hand in mine.


I guess I should have said something but It actually felt kinda nice. and it gave me butterflies.


He just smiled and listened as I talked about Hayley. All the cute little things she did. How she was learning to sit up and how the simplest things made her giggle uncontrollably.


We cuddled together on a bench on the pier and sat together looking up at the stars.

Screenshot-204 Screenshot-203

I checked my phone and realised it was 1am. “Nick, I think we should head home.”

“Okay, We will go in a minute. First, just feel my heart.”



“It’s beating so hard.” I whispered, looking into his eyes.

“It always does when I’m with you. The heart doesn’t lie Erin. I know you prefer to ignore your heart and follow your brain. But if you always do that you’ll never find happiness.”

I think we both leaned in at the same time because the next thing I knew.



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