Chapter 15: Will you marry me?

Since Nicholas and I were getting serious, I suggested we begin trying for a baby. Suprisingly he was VERY enthusiastic about it. “I think having our own baby would be great Erin! Hayley is old enough now and it would be best to have our baby while Hayley is still young.”

For weeks we tried. But nothing happened. I wanted to get pregnant ASAP so that I could prove my mother wrong.

While my mind was focused on pregnancy, Nick’s was focused on something else.

“Erin Simm, Will you marry me?”


I hated breaking his heart but I just wasn’t ready to get married. He said he understood but I don’t know…


He clearly wasn’t too badly beaten down because he didn’t move out and agreed to come to the park with me and the girls.

Screenshot-260 Screenshot-261

“Come and play Nick!” I laughed, trying to get him off the swing. only to sit down in his place!

“Hey!” He said playfully, placing his hand under my chin and pressing his lips gently to mine.

Screenshot-259 Screenshot-262

“I love you Erin. But I don’t want to have two kids out of wedlock. I’m not a kid any more. And the next child I have, I want to be married by the time they are born.”

Screenshot-263 Screenshot-264 Screenshot-265

We were distracted by Taylor at the top of the slide. “Daddy! Erin! Move out of the way!”

Screenshot-266 Screenshot-267

While we were chatting, Hayley was getting herself all excited walking around in the little cars


I had a lot to think about. Maybe my mum was right. Maybe Nick WAS going to leave me…I had to do something drastic…I HAD to propose to him. I mean I knew he would say yes. But he might not ask me again…I had to take matters into my own hands…

A few weeks later I called in a babysitter. (I still wasn’t speaking to my mum, if I was I would have asked her to babysit the girls) I took Nick to the pier we were on when we had our first “date”.

While Nick was looking out at the ocean river thing I got down on one knee. (cliché, I know!)


“Nicholas David Swanson, You are the second best thing to ever happen to me, Hayley is the first. But Still your in the top three. So Will you do me the honour of becoming my husband?”

“Of course I will Erin! I love you for god’s sake! But whatever happened to not being ready?”


“I got over it. Now are you gonna put the ring on me? Standing like that people are already wondering if your marrying a bloke!”


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Will you marry me?

  1. Oh! There were a couple more posts I hadn’t read. I haven’t read through all the archives, but I’m chilled by Erin’s mother-returned-from-the-dead. I don’t know what Erin’s traits are, maybe Commitment Issues? I don’t know if she’s Insane.

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