Chapter 16: The Night Before The Wedding


Also I change the point of view in this chapter to enable the reader to know the bigger picture.

Nick had wanted a traditional wedding. To be honest I just wanted to get it over and done with ASAP. So when Nick suggested I wore his mother’s dress I simply shrugged my shoulders and agreed. It was just a wedding right? No big deal.


Nick insisted that we spend the night before the wedding apart. He had paid for me to stay in a lovely hotel and paid for me to get my hair and make up done tomorrow. When I got into the hotel I signed in and as they took my bags to my room I went into the bar and ordered a drink.

“Hey.” A deep voice said, I turned my head and the first thing I saw were a man’s lips and his dark hair…T.J


“Hey T.J.” I smiled at the man, He smiled back.


I leant in close. “Room 501, 10 minutes.”


Then I turned and left the bar.

Up in my room I heard a soft knock. “Come in!” I called.


I pulled him onto the bed. Ripping off his clothes. This was T.J, This was my first love. Nick didn’t even enter my mind

Screenshot-290 Screenshot-291 Screenshot-294

The morning sun shone through the thin curtains,I stretched and woke up. I was getting married today. A grumble next to me filled me with dread. Oh no…What had I done?


Slowly it began coming back to me. I slept with another man. I cheated on Nick the night before our wedding. Shit. I slept with another man. And it wasn’t T.J.


It was that guy I met in the park that one time. The one playing a guitar. James? I think his name was. Waking him up I made him get dressed and pushed him out of the door.

Screenshot-279 Screenshot-280

About 5 minutes later a Miss West came in to do my hair and make up. I prayed that she hadn’t seen James leave.


She was asking me some questions about Nick and my family. I guess she was just being polite but I swear I saw a look of anger flash over her face when I said he had a daughter called Taylor. I must of imagined it though. Right?

Miss West’s POV

I was just getting out of the elevator when I saw The bride push a guy out of her room. I shook my head. People like that really shouldn’t get married. When my boss asked me to do this job and gave me the details it did spark my curiosity. I knew a Nicholas Swanson once. But I highly doubt it is the same guy.


Well I did doubt it was the same guy. I still had to check, I mean Nick was my childhood sweetheart, I had his kid. Sure I left the baby with him but back then she would have ended up in care if I had took her with me.

I still had feelings for Nick and if this was the same Nick I knew then I just don’t want him to make a mistake and marry this slut. I was asking some ‘innocent’ questions while I did her make up.


“So do you and Nicholas have any kids?”

“Two girls, both from previous relationships.”

“Aw, I bet they are thrilled about the wedding.”

“Yea, Taylor, his daughter is the flower girl and she couldn’t be more excited.”

I winced. It must be the same Nicholas. And this slut is playing mum to MY daughter? Well beware Nick, Because my life is getting sorted. And I will use everything I have to get that child back.




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8 thoughts on “Chapter 16: The Night Before The Wedding

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe she did that! It’s so bold and out of the blue. I was surprised when she said TJ; I figured he’d probably been killed off as well. Then it wasn’t TJ haha.

    I hope she doesn’t get pregnant by him. I want to see Erin and nick’s kid.

    • I am pretty see through arent I? But I needed it how it was for future chapters. If Isabelle was his child Nick would never leave Erin for good. And wouldn’t psychologically scar her more than she already is x

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