Chapter 17: Celebrations

I was filled with dread. How would I ever tell Nick what I had done? Just don’t tell him. It sounded like somebody had whispered in my ear, “But we can’t start our marriage on a lie.” I replied aloud. You didn’t want to get married anyway. “I know. But I am getting married and I want to do it right.” Well then your divorce will come before you get pregnant with him kid. Your mum will be right.


How did the voices know what buttons to press? I was determined to prove my mum wrong. So determined that I would keep my infidelity a secret. I would never tell Nicholas the events of last night. He didn’t need to know. Plastering on a smile I made my way down the aisle.

Screenshot-297 Screenshot-299 Screenshot-300 Screenshot-301 Screenshot-302

Married…I was married. Before I knew it we were jetting off on our honeymoon.


We had chosen to go to France. I couldn’t wait to do some tomb exploring. But Nick wanted to do all romantic stuff like visit the nectary and the art gallery and stuff.


I knew absolutely nothing about Nectar. But Nick seemed to know what he was on about and bought quite a few grand’s worth of bottles to take home. Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend but I am pretty sure that plastic card is Nick’s.

Screenshot-304 Screenshot-305 Screenshot-306

The art was pretty nice though.

Screenshot-309 Screenshot-310

All of this stuff was okay but it just wasn’t me. Near the end of our stay we decided to venture away from the hotel meals and visit a local cafe. (I actually tasted the local cuisine, Nick ordered bread and butter!)

Screenshot-311 Screenshot-313

“Babe, Will you hurry up and eat? I have a taxi outside waiting to take us somewhere!”


I think Nick had realised I was getting bored, “Honey I overheard some of the locals say that there was a tomb near here. I know you had your heart set on exploring a tomb and I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

Screenshot-322 Screenshot-323

Nick was such a sweetheart doing all the heavy lifting and hard work, letting me just do the ‘easy’ jobs.

Screenshot-324 Screenshot-326 Screenshot-325 Screenshot-327

But I wasn’t COMPLETELY lazy. I let Nick do the treasure collecting while I dived, fully clothed into a well of freezing water! Looking back on it I really should have removed my trainers.

Screenshot-328 Screenshot-329 Screenshot-331 Screenshot-334

I found the treasure room. I admit I was a little scared walking in because what if it was like booby trapped?


There was so much treasure! Bags of money, Antique vases, treasure chests filled with old coins and relics. We didn’t have time to explore any more tombs but we could always come back another day.

Screenshot-337 Screenshot-338 Screenshot-339 Screenshot-340 Screenshot-344

Of course our nights were always quite fun. (It was our honeymoon!)

Screenshot-345 Screenshot-346 Screenshot-347 Screenshot-349 Screenshot-350Screenshot-351

Nothing much else really happened. However about two weeks after we got back I began to feel very sick.

Screenshot-352 Screenshot-361

I went to the local shop and bought a pregnancy test…because you know. Nick and I hadn’t been using protection since we got engaged. There was a chance we were…


…Pregnant. I was happy for a moment. Then I realised.


I may have slept with Nick a lot, However the night before my wedding I did cheat…Who was the father of my baby?



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