Chapter 19:A New Baby

WARNING-This chapter does have partial nudity including breastfeeding. If this offends you don’t read it.


“Hey…You waking up?”

I slowly opened my eyes, Nick was sat in a chair beside my bed. It only took a few seconds before I clutched my stomach. “THE BABY!”

“She’s doing okay. Very small but she is okay.”

“She? We got a girl?”

“Yeah. But we don’t have a name. She’s just called Baby Girl Swanson. You can meet her in a little while. She’s gorgeous.”


Nicholas stood up and gently kissed my head.


Baby Girl Swanson was only 2lb 5oz. I wasnt allowed to pick her up. The most I could do was reach into the incubator and gently stroke her tiny hands and feet.


I went home after a few days. It felt wrong arriving home without my baby.

This wasn’t how I pictured it. Nick and I would visit every day. And everyday she got a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger. When she was four weeks old I had my first skin to skin contact.


From then on we did that contact every single day. By the time she was 8 weeks old she was able to maintain her own body temperature for longer and she was feeding from the breast.


After four months in the neonatal unit, our baby girl was coming home. We had even decided on a name. Isabelle Grace Swanson.



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I know this chapter is like really short, Hence why I uploaded it midweek and not on the weekend. For the simple fact that I dont think it would be fair to leave you with this tiny chapter for a whole week

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