Chapter 2: My First Encounter

An alarm signalled that it was time to return to our rooms after about 2 hours. There wasn’t a clock so I couldn’t be certain. My room wasn’t empty though. Something was sat at the desk.


When I came in it turned and looked at me. No. Not at me. This thing. Whatever it was, was looking straight through me. Like it was staring through my skin to my soul.

Screenshot-1341“Hello Half Blood. I am here to explain why we have brought you here. I assume your fellow patients explained a little about what we do here. ”

“Yeah. You put babies inside us so you can sell them and you make imaginary friends.”

“Do you know what you are?”

“Winnie said I was half imaginary friend and half human.”

“Winnie. I think it is marvellous how you children create names for yourselves. It is very creative. Anyway Half Blood, I believe I should tell you why you were brought here.” The thing stood up.

Screenshot-1342“Why was I brought here?” I asked it.

“When you were very young, barely even two years old, we gave your mother, an imaginary friend we created a choice. Herself or her husband. You never knew your father because your mother allowed him to die. Then we told her we needed to take her for our experiments. We needed to find out how she was able to create you.”

“Imaginary friends can’t have children?”

“They are not supposed to. We create them. Dolls that can become human. To be a life long companion for children with hard starts in life. Your father was born to an 18 year old single mother. Who made a mistake and had an affair with a married man. Cuddles was supposed to be his best friend. When romance blossomed we allowed it. Believing that Aaron would find someone more appropriate. We explained all this to your mother and she ignored us.”

“You killed my dad because he fell in love? That is pretty twisted.”

“We did what we had to do. We couldn’t allow another Half Blood to be born. It would expose what we do here!”

I was fuming. Here was this thing who murdered my dad trying to justify his actions! “I don’t want to hear it! You are a murderer! You killed my Dad!”

Screenshot-1347“Your mother allowed us to kill you as well. However we gave you a chance. Your mother’s selfishness has left you orphaned. She gave you to us willingly.”

“Shut up! No mother would do that! You guys are evil! you are murderers! Let me out of this place!”

Screenshot-1344“We cannot do that. A young girl who does not know who she is or where she came from? You know about our hospital. We cannot allow what we do to be exposed. We will not put children in you. We will experiment on you.  We will take DNA and Tissue samples. However we will not harm you. Hate us all you want. One day you will accept us as your family. We are the closest thing to family you have left.”

“Get out. I am not listening to what you say. Just get out!”

Screenshot-1343“It is your birthday next week Half Blood. Thirteen is a special one. Mother will take you out somewhere to eat if you would like. However beforehand we would give you a drink that would disable you from speaking a word of what we do. Leave a note on your desk if you would want that. It may be your only taste of the outside world you will get in a while.”

Then it left. The Doctor left. I sat with my head against the door and thought about what it had said. My mother gave me up willingly? How could any mother do that? And what it said before it left. I had to go out on my birthday. It might be my only chance to escape from here. I had to try it. I had to get away. Before they murder me like they murdered my dad…

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 2: My First Encounter

  1. I’m so confused – I am hoping we find out exactly WHAT happened upstairs at the end of Generation 2? gun shots..? Where is her family now?

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