Chapter 20a: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Hayley and Taylor doted on their new sibling. It was really heart warming to see.

Screenshot-404 Screenshot-405

I loved to just look at her tiny delicate features. She definitely had my nose. But Neither Nick or I had brown eyes or black hair. She had gorgeous freckles over her nose and cheeks, she looked like a perfect little doll. Hand made just for me…And Nick.


We really seemed like a normal family, Taylor had recently gotten very roped up in the new gaming system we bought for her birthday. Hayley was just smitten with Izzy. She always wanted to kiss and cuddle her. She would sit and talk to her for hours and try to give her her soother.

Screenshot-410 Screenshot-415

It was very sweet to see their sisterly bond. One day I was stood watching Isabelle sleep.


“She looks nothing like Nicholas.” I turned around. My mum was stood behind me.


“I know.”

“She looks like him. You shouldn’t have had an affair Erin.”

“I know mum.”

“She isn’t Nick’s child.”

“I know mum.”


“Are you going to tell him?”

“He doesn’t need to know. We are married and he is on the birth certificate. She is legally his. Genetics don’t matter.”

“The truth is going to come out Erin. And when it does your whole world will fall apart.”

She left without saying anything else. And once she was gone I whispered to myself. “I know.”

Screenshot-430 Screenshot-422

The next few months flew by and before we knew it, It was Hayley’s third birthday. I couldn’t believe my baby girl was three already! I also couldn’t believe Izzy was 7 months old, Apart from having a lot of hair for her age she was still as small as a 3 month old baby.

For Hayley’s birthday we had decided to go to the spring fair. I mean Hayley loved the park and I wanted her to have as much fun as possible.


Taylor had brought her friend Kylie along.


A teenager was staring at me from a park bench. And when Nick took the girls to get their faces painted she came over. She couldn’t have been older than 17.


“Is your name Erin?”


“Who’s asking?”

“You have the same eyes as my mum. And my big sister. I’ve never seen anybody else with those eyes. Is that you Erin? Erin Simm?”

“Yes my name was Erin Simm before I got married but I don’t see how that is any of your business.”


“Erin its me! It’s Farrah! Your sister Farrah! I know you probably don’t recognise me. It has been 8 years but can’t you remember us? Lunar and me have been looking for you for ever. Ever since the bad doctors took you!”


“The Doctors? How do you know about the doctors? Do you know about the hospital as well?” I said that. I know I said that but That wasn’t what this Farrah girl heard.


“What do you mean you haven’t a clue what I am talking about? You have to remember us! We are your family Erin!”

I saw Nick waving me over. “I am sorry but my husband wants me. You must have the wrong Erin.”


I didn’t really want to finish talking to her but It was Hayley’s special day and I have to admit. She did sound pretty crazy. I mean wouldn’t mum have told me if I had a little sister? I put it behind me and continued enjoying my baby’s birthday.



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5 thoughts on “Chapter 20a: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

    • I always had a soft spot for Farrah. Xxx in the finale when I knew the heir and had to decide which child would die between Gabriel and Farrah I had to choose Gabriel because I loved Farrah too much!

  1. I started reading this a while back and it took me a while to figure out where I left off. I haven’t commented before but wanted to say I really enjoyed the story so far.
    Those ‘doctors’ really did a number on poor Erin didn’t they? I hope she meets up with her sisters. I want to believe Nick won’t find out he’s not the dad but I have a feeling he will and it won’t be pretty.

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