Chapter 20b: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

A few days after Hayley’s Birthday I got a letter in the post.


Dear Erin,

Our child seems to be doing well. You are 20 now and you are no longer a child. You are a young woman and we respect that. For that reason we will tell you that Farrah was telling the truth. She is your little sister. Your full sister. And you do have an older sister Lunar. Feel free to speak with them. They are your birth family.

We have also noticed behaviour in you that is getting increasingly worrying. If you do not come to your senses we may need to intervene and find Hayley a more suitable home to grow up healthily and normally.

Hayley must always be your top priority, The Doctors

What worrying behaviour? I made sure my children were fed, warm, clean and happy. I wasn’t doing anything that wan’t normal? I wanted to confront my mum about Farrah and Lunar. How could she have not told me about my sisters?

“I didn’t want to upset you dear.”


“Mother that is bullshit. I have a right to know who my family is!”


“I don’t think you do Erin. The Doctors are threatening to take Hayley off you. You are poison to your family. I was protecting them by not telling you who they were.”

“I want nothing more to do with you! I am a great mum to my daughters and I WILL get to know my family. I wish you had never come back from the dead!”


Taylor’s POV


Hails and I were playing together in her room. We could hear Mum shouting from her’s and dads bedroom. It always made Hails look worried and scared when mum shouted. Even though she had never shouted at us. I hugged my little sis.


“You don’t need to worry Hails. Mum is just thinking aloud.”

“But she angwy. sowting.” I had to smile at Hail’s lisp. She was only 3 so she had a pretty big lisp but it was still pretty adorable.

“She’s just angry at herself. I bet she just lost her phone or something and she is mad at herself for losing it. You get mad when you lose Peanut don’t you?”

Hayley nodded.

“There is no need to be worried sis. Mum is fine.”


Nicholas’ POV

It all started with an unknown mobile number. I answered it and immediately recognised the voice. “What do you want?” I hissed quietly. Taylor was upstairs playing with Hayley and I didn’t want her to hear.


“You left me and stole my daughter. I have spent the last 6 years trying to get find her. What do you think I want Nicky?”

“Taylor is NOT your daughter. Not any more. You lost your right to be a mother when you deserted her.” Isabelle was giggling on my hip, oblivious to everything.


“I have a right to meet her Nicky. You can just say I’m an old friend if it makes you feel better. I promise I’ll be a good girl.”


“Your promises mean nothing Shannon. You are lucky Taylor doesn’t remember you. She is happy and she already has a mother. Her mother is twice the woman you could ever be.”

“I don’t think she is Nicky. Honestly from what I know she is much worse than I am. I never cheated on you.”

“Erin wouldn’t cheat on me.” I heard crying from upstairs. “I’m sorry but I have to go. My daughter needs me.”


“I want to see you in person Nick. You don’t have to bring Taylor but bring a few pictures of her? I regret what I’ve done. I missed out seeing my little girl grow up. Please just let me see how she looks now. Tell me about her. Please Nicky?”


I never could say no to Shannon. I don’t know what it was but there was something about her. I agreed to meet her at the Oceanside cafe. Erin had gone out for god knows what so I asked my sister to mind Taylor and Hayley.When I told her Shannon was back, she understood why. As I turned to go to the cafe I heard her say. “Good Luck Nick. You’re gonna need it.”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 20b: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

  1. Hi! I’m just a new reader, I’ve been lurking around lately XD.
    I am absolutely dreading Shannon and Nick’s appointment. As much as this scares me, I must read through eventually.
    I love your quick updates!

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