Chapter 20c: Blood is thicker than water

This Chapter is a lot about Nick and what is going on with him. I have got a bit from Erin but this is how I am moving the story a long. If I stick entirely to Erin’s viewpoint we wouldn’t get anywhere.


Nick’s POV

“How did you get my number Shannon?”


“Isn’t that a lovely way to greet the mother of your child?”

“You aren’t her mother. I told you on the phone. Just because you share DNA with her it doesn’t make you her mother.”

Shannon sighed and gave me her puppy dog eyes. “I only want to meet her Nicky. That isn’t too much to ask is it?”


“You don’t have any right to call me that any more Shannon. You broke my heart and you lost the right to see Taylor when you deserted us.”

“That baby looks nothing like you.” Shannon changed the topic, glancing over at Isabelle sleeping in her stroller.


“She’s still only a baby. I’m sure she will get more like me as she grows up.”

“Or she will get even more like that singer, Jason Dinozzo.”


“Shut up Shannon. You know if you want to make me think my wife cheated on me you shouldn’t be so extreme with the lies. There is no way Erin could have met that singer, let alone slept with him. Here’s the photos of Taylor you wanted. Now leave us alone.”

“I did Erin’s makeup for your wedding. Pretty girl. She was wearing your mother’s dress. She has these bright pink eyes. Pretty strange if you ask me.”

“So you have been stalking us?”

“No Nicky. I was doing my job. And I saw Jason Dinozzo himself get pushed out of your wife’s hotel room. Room 501 to be exact.”


“Goodbye Shannon. I want nothing more to do with you.” I stood up and stormed out with Isabelle. Shannon was lying. She had to be lying. But how did she know the hotel room? How did she know what Erin looked like? I looked into Isabelle’s smiling face.


She didn’t look like either of us. With her black hair and brown eyes. Erin said her grandmother had brown eyes so that might be a recessive trait. But Black hair isn’t from either of our families. And I didn’t know anybody with freckles. No. No. What was I saying? I trust Erin. And I trust that Isabelle is my little girl. I shouldn’t let Shannon get into my head.

Screenshot-107 Screenshot-108

Erin’s POV

I had decided to go for lunch with Lunar and Farrah. If I was going to get to know them then this was the best way.


Nick was trying to write some of his novel so I took the girls with me. Taylor and Hayley were happy enough to play outside together on the small playground. Nick had been acting a bit different around Isabelle the past few days.I couldn’t help but worry that he was getting suspicious. But I put all that behind me for the time being. Meeting my family again after all this time was more important. I wasn’t alone any more.


Lunar had three children. She had five year old twins, Jamie and Liam. And a little girl who was only 7 months younger than Hayley.

Screenshot-119 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-123

It felt weird chatting with them. My sisters. I couldn’t remember them. And they were strangers to me. But It felt as though I had known them forever. I don’t think it really mattered if I didn’t remember our past. I can make new memories for the future.

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