Chapter 21: Fighting For My Children

Shannon had taken the matter to the courts. She wanted custody of Taylor. She claimed that Nick had purposefully prevented her all access to Taylor and she had not abandoned her child. Unfortunately if the judge believed her there was a chance she might get visitation leading to custody. Nick had agreed to get a lawyer. If we wanted to keep Taylor where she belonged we were going to have to fight for her.


I went with Nick to the court case. Shannon was my that woman who did my make up at the wedding. She might have saw that singer leave my hotel room. She didn’t. Of course she didn’t. If she had saw a celebrity sneak out of a hotel room she would have gone to the paperazzi right?

Anyway. The judge was not naive enough to believe Shannon’s lies. But he did grant her visitation rights. twice a week in a contact centre. When Nick and I got out of the  courtroom he pulled me into a tight hug. Taylor was still our little girl.But I saw Shannon hand Nick something on our way out. I couldn’t see what it was and he didn’t tell me. It was probably just something for Taylor. Maybe a photograph or something?

But now we had to explain to Taylor about her mum. How can you explain this to a 6 year old? She knew something was up as soon as we had her sit down in the living room.


“Sweetheart. You know your mum and I love you don’t you?”

“Yeah. ‘course”

“And you know how Erin isn’t your real mum?”

“I didn’t grow inside her but she looked after me the same as Hayley and Izzy.”

“That’s right. But now your older and your a big girl you can get to know your real mum.”


“But I don’t want to!”

“The first visit is on Saturday. Its only for 2 hours and we will take you. But if you don’t like it then you never have to go again. Deal?”

“I guess Dad. But what if I hate her?”


“Then you never have to go again. But you have to at least meet her.”

“But what do I call her? She’s not my mum because I don’t know her!”


I had been noticing something was up with Isabelle for a while now. Nick kept brushing it off and telling me that it is just because she is premature and that she’ll catch up soon but I don’t believe him. Call it maternal instincts but she is coming up 1 and she isn’t even crawling. She hasn’t said her first words and although she does do baby babbling she doesn’t try to copy your sounds when you speak to her. She did pass the hearing test when she was first born but maybe I needed to have another one? Just to make sure everything is alright.




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I have written and rewritten this chapter about 50 times. However I write it I just don’t like it. It feels boring and I don’t actually WANT to right it but I feel like it is necessary. I didn’t want to do a full court room thing because this storyline with Shannon is beginning to really bore me. However I had to do this sort of stepping stone chapter to lead onto the next chapter. Just bare with me!

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