Chapter 22: The Truth Always Comes Out.

Hayley was starting Nursery School. It was only 15 hours a week but it would give her a chance to be around kids her own age. And help her make some friends who aren’t family. She looked so cute in her little backpack. It was hard to believe Hayley really was growing up.

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Nick had been avoiding me lately. And it was almost as though he hated to be around Isabelle. He would complain if I so much as asked him to look after her while I went out with my sisters. He had even taken to sleeping on the settee. Just to avoid being with me in our bed. I don’t know what’s got into him but I don’t want to ask. What if he’s figured it out? Found out Isabelle isn’t his?


One evening Nick was sat on the settee and I was on the armchair. Taylor was sleeping at her friend’s house and Hayley was having a sleepover with Lunar’s daughter Amy. It was just myself, Nick and Izzy, who was asleep in her bouncer. There was a romance film on but Nick quickly changed it.

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“Nick, I know something’s up with you. I think we need to talk.”


“About what?” Before I could answer him Isabelle started screaming. Nick just looked at her. “Are you going to get her?”


“She’s your daughter. Just give her the dummy.”

“Is she really my daughter Erin?”


I picked Isabelle up and glared at him. “Why wouldn’t she be?”


“Shannon handed me a DVD when we were in court. It was a copy of the cctv from the hotel you stayed in the night before our wedding. ”

Isabelle suddenly grew silent. probably noticing the change in me. “How did she get that?”

“I don’t know. But to be honest. That wasn’t the question going through my mind. The question I was thinking of was why did my wife have the singer Jason Dinozzo leaving her bedroom half dressed on the morning of our wedding?”

“I made a mistake. But I am sure Isabelle is your child. It was one stupid mistake with him and hundreds of nights with you.”

“I want a DNA test Erin. But For now I am going to move into my sister’s house with Taylor. If Isabelle really is mine then maybe we can try counselling to stay together. If not I think its best we part ways.”

“Three years ago you told me to trust you. You promised you wouldn’t leave me.”

“When I made that promise you were a different person. The Erin I fell in love with couldn’t have taken my heart and shattered it into a million pieces. I’m Sorry.”


Nick went upstairs and got some things for Taylor and himself and left about half an hour later. What had I done? I had taken the kindest, sweetest man and I had broken his heart. This is all my fault. And now Hayley and Isabelle are going to grow up without a father. All because of me.

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